WAIT seconds

Seconds - is a constant (1-65) which specifies how many seconds to pause.


Pause for some time in whole seconds.

This is a 'pseudo' command designed for use by younger students It is actually equivalent to 'pause * 1000', ie the software outputs a pause command with a value 1000 greater than the wait value. Therefore this command cannot be used with variables.

This command is not normally used outside the classroom.

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    Flash an LED

    Flash an LED by repeatedly switching it on for 5 seconds and switching it off for 5 seconds

    Code Example:
    main:	switch on B.7	; switch on output B.7
    	wait 5		; wait 5 seconds
    	switch off B.7	; switch off output B.7
    	wait 5		; wait 5 seconds
    	goto main	; loop back to start
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