Glockenspiel Robot

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A fun kit to play a glockenspiel via a PICAXE-28X1 controller. Includes all the electonic components, motors and laser cut 'hammers'. Some basic assembly/soldering required, and you need to provide your own wooden base plate and glockenspiel (available separately as part MOD029 if required). Used by many schools during 'technomusicology' events.

Can be controlled via any software that supports PICAXE such as the PICAXE Editor, Logicator or Scratch.



Robot to play a 13 key glockenspiel.

PICAXE-28X1 micocontroller with 13 motor outputs.

5V 2A DV supply (2.1mm tip +ve) required (not included)


MOD028 Datasheet Datasheet
Youtube Video Video
Youtube Assembly Video Assembly Video


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