PICAXE 'PICone' Micromouse

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A full self assembly kit to make a 'PICone' PICAXE micromouse for the popular maze solving micromouse competition. Designed by the UK micromouse competition champions, this is a fast, reliable, true maze solver that has achieved very good results at a number of Micromouse competitions.

Now shipping the updated model which uses a PICAXE-28X2 running at 64MHz. Full instructions, assembly videos and BASIC program included on CD. Requires AXE027 cable (purchase separately) for programming.

Construction Video - Part 1 of 4

Construction Video - Part 2 of 4

Construction Video - Part 3 of 4

Construction Video - Part 4 of 4


Pack size 200x290x30mm
Pack weight 200g


PICAXE 'PICone' Micromouse Datasheet PDF Datasheet


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