3 Zone Alarm Works with 3 separate zoned areas (3 rooms, 3 buildings etc)

Each zone should have two wires returning to the micro control box. Each zone should have it’s own Normally closed switches on the windows /doors areas to be protected.

It has an OLED lcd 16x2 screen for messages to be displayed from the program. It uses the OLED for a small Menu system. A simple 3 button up-down-select system. A two position thumb slide switch to turn off the internal alarm siren and to reset the alarm system when needed.

Sometimes one area needs to be disabled while keeping the other areas still working. This is achieved through the 3 button up-down-select menu. The area disabled is shown with a cross on the first menu screen when disabled otherwise all zones are shown with a tick.

The external alarm siren now shuts off after a certain time changed within the program if needed. It will start and stop this external alarm siren so you have “On” for a time then “off” for a time. This happens 3 times before it stops altogether. The number of times can be changed within the program.

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