Amateur Radio Transceiver Uses Seven PICAXEs


My recently completed amateur radio transceiver incorporates seven PICAXEs. It is a QRP (low power) transceiver with an output power of 3W and covers the CW (Morse code) sections of the 80, 40 and 20m amateur bands. The PICAXEs control:- 1. DDS frequency synthesiser (20X2) 2. OLED controller for frequency and signal strength display (20X2) 3. AXE133Y Controller from the PICAXE Store (18M2) 4. Morse code electronic memory keyer (08M2) 5. Transmit/receive sequencer (08M2) 6. Automatic Antenna Matching Unit controller (28X2) 7. Interface to PC with contest logging program sending frequency & mode (20X2) In January I was place 9th out of 14 entries in the QRP section of the RSGB's Affiliated Societies CW Contest using this transceiver.
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