Submitted by: Hohnhorst Project Website: N/A


This is a congratulation card powered by PICAXE. It contains a random generator which lights one of the four LEDs, the buttons of the congratulator’s shirt. A PICAXE 08M2 chip is the brain of the card, supplied by two eyes, coin cells with 3 V each. The nose is a position switch closing when the card is in a vertical position. At this position the random generator starts, flashes all LEDS like a firework and ends with one random LED wishing happy birthday for example. The command ‘random’ did not work successfully. Thus the random generator uses a capacitor. After starting the PICAXE program the capacitor, placed over the LEDs on the card, is charged and parallel the program rotates between the four LEDs. When charged the capacitor closes one PICAXE input pin and stops the LED selection process. Congratulations to all being inspired to build their own congratulation card.
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