Geocaching dataloger


The device is created as part of the game of geocaching and directs the player to the coordinates of the hidden I-buttons of the forest. In addition, different time conditions must be monitored. Finally, the player can register his name and automatically save the date, time and search time. Then recalculate all logs placed according to the search times. In addition, you can view statistics, the three best players and all the logs. I also used battery monitoring and warning. HyperTerminal also prints a report. I used PICAXE-18M2 Datalogger (Real-Time Clock, 64KB EEPROM), Serial OLED Module 20x4 (+ Power Switch Transistor), iButton Probe, one bushbutton, 5V LDO Voltage Regulator. You are welcome to play geocaching and try this device in Estonia.
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