Internet Control of a Picaxe



To control remotely through the Internet electronic devices such as LEDs, light and temperature sensors, add more microcontrollers with applications. Log readings and produce dynamic graphs.

The electronic setup

An AXE050 board with Picaxe18M microcontroller is used.

A Maxim DS18B20 added to the AXE050 board reads temperatures.

The advantage of using Picaxe18M is that the same ports are used for control and programming.

Reading and control of AXE050 board is done using RS232 protocol. The onboard connections are used for RS232 control.

The main server

A Windows-based XAMPP server is installed in a PC.

The server is hooked to a local network with a fixed local IP. The application is situated in a network that has no fixed public IP, hence DynDNS services is used. The router routes all external demands to the fixed local IP.

Windows XP and later do not allow easy RS232 control through Internet. To overcome such a blockage, RS232 control is done through DOS, using Kermit for DOS. Kermit is piped into PHP, and used to control the electronic devices on the AXE050.

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