I have been building a Laser Tag system based on 28x-1 Picaxe over the last few months. It has now reached the stage where I was able to host a 5 player D-day landing style scenario with the system. I still plan to add features to the system in the future as this is a continually evolving project.

The guns work by generating a 38Khz PWM signal and then using this to modulate the output from the herserout pin on the Picaxe chip. This then uses a FET to drive a IR LED.

On the receiving side, a 38Khz IR receiver is connected to the hersin pin. When each gun shoots it simply sends a few bytes of data containing the players ID and team number.

The system also supports the use of a LCD screen to keep the player updated about their health ammo and available clips.

The picture shows how the project developed over the course of 2010, now comprising of 8 assault rifles, 2 shotguns, a mini gun, a browning machine gun.

As well as the construction of more taggers over the year I have also been adding new features:-

CTF and Zombie modes

In Capture The Flag you have to get to the other teams base and point your tagger at their beacon (camping lantern), this then transfers the flag to you and you have to transport it back to your base. In zombie mode, everyone starts off human bar one player who is a zombie. Every time a zombie kills a human the human comes back to life as a zombie. Zombies can re-spawn using their team base.

Admin Box

A small handheld box allows fully configuration of each gun and allows the referee to re-spawn, kill or reset guns.

Shot Mode

You can now select between Single, Burst or fully automatic firing

Persistent Game State

When the picaxe detects the battery voltage drop below 6v, it quickly writes all the critical game variables to eeprom.

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