Pocket LEDs for Picaxe


Description: I was trying to create a simple game that would be easy to do, but would involve concentration and motor skills. This game involves both. In this game you must light 5 green LEDs and one last red LED to complete a game. Each green LED requires 5 correct pushes of the switch to light the next green LED and finally the red LED. The Larger Yellow LED flashes at slightly different rates during the game. A correct push of the switch 1 gives a small winning sound and the seven segment display displays the number of correct pushes of the switch. A correct push of the switch is when the Yellow LED is OFF, (not illuminated) and gives a winning achievement sound on the Piezo sounder and the seven segment display is incremented by 1. An incorrect push of the switch gives a losing sound on the Piezo sounder and also shows a decrement of the number on the seven segment display. When the 4th or 5th green light is illuminated mistakes cost more! Be careful. More points are deducted at this stage. Getting all green lights and the Red Led illuminated gives the winning sound and sets off a winning sequence of Lights. Be warned. It can be infuriating! The least amount of time or the least number of clicks of the switch is two ways of determining a good win. Good luck and patience.
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