Remote Imaging Device (On wheels)


Submitted by: sdfgeoff Project Website: N/A


For quite a long time I've been wanting to make a wireless camera on wheels to drive around.

I finally got the video gear a few days back, and so could make it. Pretty much 4 servos modified for continuous rotation attached to a meccano chassis with independent suspension.

The extreme torque of the servos means that I have tonnes of power, and low speeds. Even though it is so small (less than 25cm long) it will go anywhere, and I've driven it outside on rocks and such without a problem. Let me tell you, bumps look way bigger from ground level.

The only radio gear I had lying around to control it with was a two channel set, and I needed to drive 4 servos, with mixing to make it skid steer. Enter the Picaxe20X2. Mounted on a piece of kiwipatch board it mixes two channels into 4 and provides correction for the sloppy work I did modifying the servos.

Planned? Well, I'm looking at adding in a tilt sensor, so you cannot drive it on a slope that will tip it over, and quite possibly just making the chassis bigger and mounting everything more permanently (less rubber bands!)

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