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We love hearing about your PICAXE projects. Each month we award two prizes:

  • one prize chosen at random from all uploaded entries
  • one prize for the most interesting/amusing/innovative project (as decided by the judges – the PICAXE Technical Support team)

You must be logged in to submit a project. Once logged in please complete the project form below - we simply require:

  • A title.
    Choose a brief title that will help people find your project using ‘search’. Very generic terms like ‘PICAXE robot’ don’t make good titles, so try something like ‘six servo walking robot’ instead.
  • A description.
    Give a brief overview of your project and what it does, what you like about it and what may be improved.
  • A picture.
    This is a single good quality photo of your project, which will be automatically resized when uploaded.
  • A project link.
    This is a link to your project web page, which can be on your own website, a blog on the PICAXE community site, or on a third party project site such as letsmakerobots.com. Naturally on this project site you can add a lot more information such as additional pictures, BASIC code examples and building instructions.
  • A YouTube video link.
    Not compulsory, but videos are far better than pictures to show most projects in action. Please ‘tag’ your video ‘PICAXE’ when uploading it to YouTube. The link should be in this type of format: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1sfi2D0Nv4

As this is an educational site used by many schools all projects are ‘moderated’ by a real-life human before being made visible on the site. This process may take a few hours, so your project will not be ‘instantly’ visible after uploading. You will be sent an email when your project is moderated and goes live. Come back a day or two later and your project may just be featured on the home page of picaxe.com!


If your project is selected as this month’s featured project (or just picked at random), you’ll win your choice of the three PICAXE products shown below. If you win we will use your registered account email address to request your postal address to send out the prize.

  1. Prize A

    Experimenter Board

  2. Prize B

    PICAXE-20X2 Microbot

  3. Prize C

    PICAXE-28X2 Module

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