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We were all PICAXE newbies once...

Technical Support

HelpWe’re here to help.

And by ‘we’ we really do mean ‘we’ – not just the Technical Support staff at Revolution Education but the thousands of helpful PICAXE users within the PICAXE community.

The first point of call for any question should be to check the Frequently Asked Questions and manuals. All the most common questions are answered in these FAQ.

If you have a question about a particular command please do first study its syntax and examples in the BASIC Commands section of this website.

If you have a question about how to connect a particular input/output component then have a browse through the Circuit Creator section of this website.

Questions about ‘how do I do this for that type of project?’ are best asked on the PICAXE Forums. This is because 50,000 heads are better than one, and you may well find someone who has already done something similar. Start with a forum search for past answers, and then try posting a question – the forum is full of very helpful, friendly individuals. When posting a question remember to include details of your project (ideally a schematic), the exact problem/issue and, if appropriate, the sample BASIC code you are currently using (enclosed with [code] and [/code] forum tags). This will greatly help the people who want to give you advice understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Finally the technical support staff at Revolution Education may also be contacted via

  • the 'Contact PICAXE' form at the bottom of this web page
  • email to support @ picaxe . com
  • the Community Forums (username 'Technical')

And don't forget we love to hear about your projects when they are finished too!

Click here to download the Remote Quick Support package if requested to do so by Technical Support.