• Serial MP3 Player

    Play MP3 music and speech within your PICAXE projects.
    Amazing performance for a very low price.

    Bring your PICAXE project to life!

  • Blockly for PICAXE

    A new graphical way to generate your PICAXE program.
    Simply drag'n'drop blocks into a program stack.

    Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook or online.

  • OLED is the new LCD

    Brighter, better viewing angle, lower current.
    Once you have seen an OLED you will never look back.

    And now affordable, with our new 'Serial OLED' kit.

  • PICAXE-08M2

    Our most popular chip just got better.
    8x larger program memory, 2x more RAM, up to 32MHz operation
    Up to 4 parallel tasks and supports infrared, serial and i2c
    Small but perfectly formed!

  • PICAXE-20X2 Microbot

    Follow a line, seek a light, draw a pen trace, bump off obstacles.
    Your choice.
    A high performance PICAXE-20X2 robot kit that you can easily reconfigure with just a screwdriver.

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  • What is PICAXE?

    The complete guide to everything you want to know about PICAXE.

    What is PICAXE?
  • Getting Started

    How to get going with the PICAXE system. It's easier than you may think!

    Getting Started
  • Software Downloads

    Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook? BASIC or Blockly or flowchart?

    Software Downloads
  • PICAXE Chip Sizes

    Which size PICAXE chip - 8, 14, 18, 20, 28 or 40 pin - is right for you?

    PICAXE Chip Sizes


  • Flowcharting Software

    The Logicator software is one of the most common software applications found within school Technology departments.

    Logicator for PICAXE
  • Blockly for PICAXE

    Blockly is a simple to use graphical programming method for younger students. Simply drag'n'stack blocks.

    Blockly for PICAXE
  • Low cost take home kits

    These low cost projects enable students to 'design and build and take home' a complete microcontroller project.

    Project Kits
  • Classroom Resources

    Systems for teaching about 'systems and control' with microcontrollers in the classroom.

    Classroom Resources