Classroom Teaching Systems

Systems for teaching using the PICAXE microcontroller

PICAXE Classroom Teaching Systems

The versatile PICAXE Create system was specifically developed to support classroom teaching of electronics with PICAXE microcontrollers. A large number of input/output modules can easily be exchanged and tested on the ‘static’ or ‘moving’ motherboards. More details…

For general tutorial exercises a number of pre-assembled tutorial boards are also available. The ‘t4 Trainer’ was specially commissioned for the technology teaching syllabus in Ireland but is now also used within many other schools throughout the world.



Our PICAXE Create system is a new teaching system that allows circuits to be built and tested via various 'bolt together' input/output modules - no soldering or loose electronic components required. The patented 'microbric' system can be easily reconfigured by students with just a screwdriver. Details

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