School Project Kits

Budget 'take home' PICAXE kits for schools.

'Take-home' kits for high school students


Our 'take-home' kits are specifically designed for group teaching of electronics. By keeping prices very low we allow hundreds of thousands of students to 'make and take home' an electronic project each year. By soldering together simple circuits students are taught about various components and soldering. Then the students program the PICAXE microcontroller to bring their project to life. 

When projects are this much fun, students often forget they are learning!

All kits are compatible with both textual BASIC and Logicator flowcharting programming.

All our professional quality PCBs:

  • are clearly marked with component values for easy assembly
  • use a solder resist lacquer layer so solder only 'sticks' where it should
  • use thick tracks and large pads to tolerate inexperienced soldering
  • are pre-drilled with the correct size holes to aid soldering
  • are supplied with battery clip 'thread holes' to prevent wires snapping off

The budget kit range includes:

  • Dice
  • Alarm
  • Steady Hand
  • Cyberpet
  • Simple PIC

The premium kit range includes:

  • Pedestrian / Cyclist Safety Light
  • Rudolph the Reindeer
  • 'Simon Says' Game

All kits are available in a number of formats depending on requirements. For instance many schools buy complete kits of parts, whilst others buy just the PCBs and PICAXE chips and supply their own resistors, LEDs, etc. The various options are:

  • PICAXE Chip and PCB pair
  • PCB only
  • Single set of all components including PICAXE chip and PCB
  • KIt of 5 sets of all components including PICAXE chip and PCB
  • Made to order bulk sets (any number) of all components including PICAXE chip and PCB

Each project has a very comprehensive photocopiable student workbook (see 'PDF' links below)

Please contact us for more details.



A LED dice based around an 8-pin PICAXE circuit. 7 LEDs are controlled by 4 outputs (3 pairs and the centre) and a push switch input is used to activate the dice. If desired the switch can be replaced with a SEN001 LDR or a touch sensor to make an interactive switch. Powered by either 2 or 3 AA cells. Details

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  • AXE101K

    PICAXE Cyberpet Kit

    A popular 'Cyberpet' project that uses two LED 'eyes', a piezo to play tunes and sounds, a light detecting LDR input and a push switch input. Details

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  • AXE102K

    PICAXE Alarm / Steady hand

    A versatile project which has an LED output, a transistor buffered output, a piezo output and 2 inputs. Often used for alarm or steady hand game type projects. Details

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  • AXE130K

    Simple PIC Kit

    Our simplest PIC kit - 3 'traffic light' LEDs, a push switch and a LDR sensor. Ideal for an introduction into PICAXE programming. Details

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  • AXE103K

    Safety Light Kit

    This pedestrian/cyclist safety light is based upon 3 high intensity LEDs. Optional LDR can, for instance, detect a car approaching and change the LED flash rate. Red or yellow cases available. Details

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  • AXE107S

    Rudolph the Reindeer

    Our ever popular Christmas special - Rudolph plays your choice of Xmas tune whilst his eyes and nose flash! Optional infra-red remote control available. Details

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  • AXE106

    Simon Says Game

    Can you remember the light and sound sequence given out by the 4 LEDs and piezo? Press the switches in the correct order to win. Details

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