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Logicator Flowcharting Software


Logicator has evolved! The next generation of Logicator (v6) is now available as part of PICAXE Editor 6 

Logicator is a graphical flowcharting tool to generate PICAXE control programs. Constantly updated over the last 20 years, Logicator is one of the most common software applications found within UK school technology departments and has won a number of industry awards. The latest version provides a large range of intuitive tools and commands for quickly generating reliable PICAXE control programs.

"Just a quick thank you for the work you've obviously put into the new version of Logicator.
We've just upgraded from v3.3 and the enhanced PICAXE support and new commands are great.
We use the software with 110 Year 8 pupils, 130 Year 9 pupils, have 40 pupils in both Year 10
and 11 doing GCSE Electronic Products and 40 6th Form students doing A Level systems &
control all of who use PICAXEs and the software for their coursework.

So thank you once again and keep up the good work!"
MH, Head of ICT, KGS, 03 Nov 2011

Developing a Flowchart

Developing a flowchart is easy – simply pull out the desired flowchart cells from the toolbox, position them on screen and then connect them together with lines. Younger students find this graphical approach much simpler than typing textual BASIC programs and can learn to use the software within a few minutes.

To change a flowchart cell parameter, for instance the output pin number to switch on or off, simply double click on the cell and then use the drop down menus to select the appropriate pin. Comments can also be added to the flowchart if desired.

Parallel Task Processing

On all the new generation PICAXE M2 parts (08M2, 14M2, 18M2, 20M2) up to 8 parallel flowcharts can be processed at the same time. This simplifies students' programming of complex tasks. Logicator also fully supports sub-procedures and programming structures such as for…next loops.

On-screen Simulation

Once the flowchart is complete it can be fully simulated on screen. Simply click ‘Run’ and watch the cells highlight in turn as each command is processed. An on-screen virtual PICAXE chip shows the state of the input/output pins and can be used interactively to, for instance, change an input pin condition.

Project Board Simulation

Dice Simulation

Many of our low-cost take-home project kits are also directly simulated within the Logicator software.

Simply open the project board simulation and try out your program on-screen without the need for any hardware.

This feature gives great flexibility if limited school resources mean some students are learning about programming before they have finished assembled the kit.




In-Circuit Emulation and Testing

Sometimes it can be useful to test a feature, such as an analogue touch or light reading, on the real-life board instead of in simulation. Logicator allows the PICAXE M2 or X2 chip to communicate directly with the software, to, for instance report the light level falling on an LDR in real-time. This In Circuit Emulation allows the student to quickly identify the appropriate switching threshold values to use within their program.   

Specialist Command Cells

Various specialist commands, for instance for LCD/OLED screens, infra-red sensors and ultrasonic range finders, allow students to very easily use the more advanced input / output devices within their projects. See the PICAXE Create system for more details of these supported input/output devices.

AXE027PICAXE Chip Programming

Logicator will automatically identify the AXE027 PICAXE USB download cable and use it to program your flowchart into the PICAXE chip. Logicator can be used with any PICAXE chip or project board.


Individual (private home use)

  • The Logicator software is free to download and use for private home use. The software is not restricted in any way. However if you use the software regularly you are invited to register the software and pay the shareware fee (UK/EU-£15 (includes VAT), US-$15 (tax exempt)). All registration fees are re-invested in future development of the software, so by registering you are helping fund future improvements to the software.

School Network Use

The Logicator for PICAXE® software is also free for school network use.

  • Free Full Version. The full version designed for use on Secondary/High School networks (any number of computers on same site, including teachers' laptops for lesson development).

Logicator is free for educational use. However if you wish to contribute towards future development of the software a registration donation value of £99 per school is appreciated (part LGC001). 

The same download is used for all versions.

Demo and download

To download the Logicator demo please see PICAXE Editor 6 or the Logicator page. A zip file with a MSI installer for school networks (e.g. CC3 or CC4) is also available on this page.