PICAXE Editor 6

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  • Not Mac Compatible
  • Not Linux Compatible
  • Not Chrome Compatible
  • Not iOS Compatible
  • Not Android Compatible

Product Details

PICAXE Editor 6 is the completely free software application for developing and simulating PICAXE BASIC, PICAXE Blockly and PICAXE flowchart programs under Windows (see AXEpad for Linux and Mac).

PICAXE Editor 6 supports all PICAXE chips and has a full suite of code development features such as:

  • source code colour syntax highlighting and interactive tooltips
  • auto indentation
  • powerful preprocessor for #include and macros
  • syntax check and program download
  • code explorer to shown variable, label and constant values
  • full on screen simulation with animated chips and line by line code highlighting
  • simulation breakpoints by line number and variable value
  • debug and serial terminal windows
  • AXE027 download cable testing and port identification tools
  • various testing tools such as the analogue calibration wizard
  • various code generation wizards (pwmout, tune etc.)
  • full flowcharting support

PICAXE Editor 6 can be used for school, private or commercial projects without charge. It may also be installed on school networks without the requirement of any license agreement paperwork.

PICAXE Editor 6 is a new release that replaces both of these two legacy products: PICAXE Programming Editor 5 and Logicator for PICs



PICAXE Editor (approx 95MB)

If the installer reports that you need to first install Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1
Windows 10/11 - Press Windows keyboard key, type in "Windows Features" then enable Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 in the list that appears
Windows 7/8/8.1 - Enable via Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features>Turn Windows features on or off>Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
PICAXE Editor 6 (main installer)
PE5 to PE6 Migratiom Notes PE5 to PE6
Logicator to PE6 Migration Notes Logicator to PE6
PICAXE Editor MSI for school networks (approx 95MB)
(for Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11)
PICAXE Editor 6 (uncompressed MSI for networks)
Microsoft .Net 3.5.1 Framework for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11
.Net Framework 3.5.1 is provided by default, but may not yet be enabled, on Windows
Windows 10/11 - To enable press Windows keyboard key, type "Windows Features" then enable Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
Windows 7/8/8.1 - Use Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features>Turn Windows features on or off>Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5.1
.Net 3.5 Troubleshooting
Microsoft .Net 3.5.1 Framework for Windows XP / Vista
XP/Vista users may need to download from Microsoft (if not already installed)
Microsoft .Net 3.5 Download
RTTTL Ringtones RTTTL Ringtones

Revision History

Current Version: New Updated msi code signing certificate and signing timestamp New Updated Blockly core to 1.5.2 00662 Updated to latest AXE027 drivers 00661 Removed obsolete QuickSupport module 00660 Fixed Help-Check for updates web link 00658 Removed non-functioning 0x08 option from Terminal 00657 Improved simulation break option - no longer clears value upon uncheck 00630 Fixed issue with autobackup sometimes not restarting New Updated Blockly core to 1.4.0 00688 PDF export now only includes line numbers if currently visible 00687 Fixed simulation issue of @ptrinc within spiout, hspiout, owout (beta compiler) 00686 Fixed simulation issue with word values within peek poke put get (beta compiler) 00684 Fixed simulation issue with word values within read write (beta compiler) 00679 Compiler now allows #Slot 4 for 20X2 (beta compiler) 00674 Fixed simulation issue with HPWM single mode pin mapping 00673 Fixed simulation issue with For.. loop ending with value $FFFF 00671 Fixed simulation issue with For.. loop terminating with value > $FF 00666 Fixed simulation issue with 'hserin' hangs when background receive. 00665 Fixed simulation issue with hsersetup' not zeroing 'hserptr' New Updated Blockly core to 1.3.4 New Added customisable toolboxes to Blockly (right click on unused area at bottom of toolbox) 00663 Fixed simulation issue when simulating multiple hashed variables 00658 AXE401 pins.X names now work within the simulator engine 00657 Corrected some French flowchart cell translations 00656 Added input C.5 to PICAXE-14M2 simulation definition 00655 Fixed issue with French stop (fin) flowchart command 00633 Simulation check no longer clears 'debug already in progress' flag for next new download 00630 Blockly file changed flag no longer set as dirty when file is simply opened 00629 Closing PE6 whilst Serial Terminal is open no longer causes a hang if user cancels the Terminal closing 00654 .edd simulation files now open correctly from programdata folder 00653 Added support for context help tooltips for WJEC radix 00652 Updated WJEC examples 00651 Added context help tooltips for WJEC assembler 00648 Radial sliders for WJEC assembler now show correct pin name 00623 Fixed issue with line highlighting interrupt on multi task simulation New Updated Blockly core to 1.3.3 New Added support for new WJEC/EDUQAS UK A-level, see www.picaxe.com/wjec 00647 Fixed issue resetting firmware error code for download certain firmware revisions 00632 Fixed syntax colour coding of PORT keyword 00626 Fixed simulation issue with 'exit' command 00625 Improved accuracy of sound length during simulation 00624 Fixed incorrect simulation of PUSH and POP stack depth 00599 Readadc rotary popup now selects the value 0 correctly New Updated Blockly core to 1.2.0 00613 Code Exploer no longer 'Expands All' to display bit variables when loading 00612 Fixed issue with line number display when Exporting 00611 Translate Font Size string in Options 00610 Added Català (Catalan) to PE6 translations 00606 Fixed issue with changing workspace to a newly opened flowcharts previous language 00603 Fixed issue with duplicate French translation name used on two different flowchart cells 00600 Added 40X2 (surface mount style) simulation option New Updated Blockly core to 1.1.5 New Added Català (Catalan) to Blockly translations 00598 Fixed issue with peek/poke simulation on older parts New Updated Blockly core to 1.1.4 (fixes simulation highlight) New Updated Blockly core to 1.1.3 00596 Fixed issue with simulation of 28X1 portC pins as outputs 00563 Fixed issue with typing N S etc. within Blockly incorrectly triggering menus 00563 Blockly BASIC text no longer shows Chrome spell-checking squiggles New Updated Blockly core to 1.1.0 New Added Turkish translations 00587 Add command line switch to start in a particular language e.g. /fr 00594 Blockly default variables now show on words instead of bytes 00592 Blockly cut/paste of comment containing newlines now works 00588 Quick print of Blockly no longer has dark fill 00587 Improved loading of old PE5 ANSI format files containing accented characters New Updated Blockly core to 1.0.8 New Updated French translations New Updated German translations 00582 Fixed issue with pins displayed in flowchart readtemp command New Updated Blockly core to 1.0.7 New Improved Blockly compatibility with legacy PICAXE parts New Updated Blockly core to 1.0.5 New Updated compilers to latest version 00577 Compiler now rejects more than one use of #slot 00575 #rem colour highlighting now works correctly when #rem is on line 1 00574 Modified file edited flag for Blockly programs 00573 Legacy 18M2 compiler now accepts suspend/resume commands 00571 Added AXE092 simulation plugin 00571 Added AXE092 as simulation 00571 Added AXE171 as simulation 00570 AXE101 etc. simulations now have LDRs marked as inputs to enable right click 00568 Compiler warning when @bptrinc i is used in bintoascii 00532 Add push, pop etc commands to Manual 2 00567 Open File, all Compatible Files (*.*) now includes Blockly xml file type 00414 Updated PICAXE Manual 2 00315 Added AXE401 as simulation New Updated Blockly core to 1.0.4 00561 Change sim behaviour to match OR after AND real chip behaviour 00540 Added Blockly manual New Updated Blockly core to 1.0.3 00559 Fixed error msg from Blockly download when hardware not found 00543 Enabled .axe binary file export option (for use with Downloader app) New Added Blockly programming mode (public preview) New Added hsersetup, hserin, hserout to flowchart mode New Updated compilers to latest version New Added formal support for Windows 10 00554 Fixed issue with port syntax colour coding 00553 Fixed issue with hint0flag causing mouseover tooltip failure 00549 Fixed issue with unwanted tab change after Find dialog closed 00548 Conversion from tabs to spaces is now more accurate 00548 HTML conversion of tabs to spaces is now more accurate (html browsers do not align tabs) 00547 Fixed issue with some embedded fonts within exported PDFs 00537 Fixed issue displaying some #firmware error messages 00528 Fixed issue with backstage accelerator shortcuts 00527 Fixed issue with displaying variable values and names 00527 Fixed issue with editing memory panel values 00527 Editing memory panel values now prevents illegal key presses 00527 Editing memory panel values now prevented on non-implemented memory addresses 00526 Fixed simulating issue with pin number > 7 for older PICAXE types 00525 Fixed issue with inserting filename after 'Save As' 00521 Fixed issue with #picaxe changing PICAXE type 00518 Fixed simulation issue with large values within * and ** operators 00517 Fixed simulation issue with a few SIN/COS values 00511 'Check PICAXE type' function now closes any active debug session before attempting to identify PICAXE type 00514 Added option to disable automatic lines when new flowchart command is added 00512 Fixed ATAN simulation to match chip behaviour 00510 PDF/DOC/RTF export of accented characters (chars 128-255) now work correctly 00510 ALt+xxxx numeric keypress now allows addition of accented characters into editor 00508 If command now simulates correctly when more than 2 AND conditions are used 00507 Fixed simulation issue with display refresh after srset/srreset commands 00507 Fixed simulation issue responding to SRI pin 00506 PWMOUT Wizard now shows both available pins for 18M2 00467 'Collapsible block' markers now repaint correctly when keyword is deleted New Added ConnectIO software simulation plugin New Improved simulation response times Fixed issue with Code Explorer using flowchart display in New New Logicator flowcharting startup mode which: - Forces simplified panels (code explorer etc) - Forces default toolbar/ribbon/panel positions - Forces simplified (no workspace) mode - Starts up with new flowchart instead of BASIC - Starts up with Logicator tips pdf visible (in new internal PDF viewer). - Forces preprocessor off New 'New flowchart' now forces start cell open to allow i/o pin configuration. New 'New flowchart' forces portB to be outputs in this Start, as expected on most Logicator projects. New Flowchart analogue cell has new slider for ease of use New Updated LCD simulation for better character display accuracy 00498 Fixed flowchart issue with play cell (8 pin chips) not remembering the current 'flash' setting 00498 Broken flowchart lines are now highlighted during simulation/conversion/programming 00498 Fixed issue with changing simulation inputs when play or tune is active 00498 Fixed flowchart issue with outputs cells (40 pin chips) corrupting portA/portD values 00498 Fixed for...next simulation issue when target variable value changes within loop 00498 Fixed issue with some 28X1 pins in flowchart commands 00495 Fixed some flowchart sample fiies 00492 Fixed issue with Ctrl-T shortcut (toggle breakpoint) 00492 Added breakpoints to right-hand click context menu 00492 Fixed minor issues with syntax colouring and interactive tooltips on various commands 00491 Adding comments to flowcharts no longer adds automatic line 00490 Fixed issue with flowchart simulation of parallel tasks 00489 Fixed issue with 'exit' in simulation 00487 Outputs now switch off correctly at end of simulation 00485 Fixed issue with space shortcut for stepping simulation in flowchart mode 00484 Improved flowchart stepping mode to reduce number of clicks required 00481 Worked around WINE clipboard emulation issue New Added X2 Conversion Wizard from PE5 New Exported PDFs now conform to PDF/A and now include embedded fonts 00480 Fixed issue with BcdToBin simulation 00478 Saved flowcharts longer than 40 rows are no longer truncated to 40 rows upon open 00478 Fixed issue with flowchart lines through deleted start cells 00439 Added option for 40X2-SM pinout image on I/O table 00335 Fixed AXE107 Rudolph simulation image New Added simulation 'change next line' feature (right click over pointer in margin) 00477 Fixed issue with saving custom colour syntax scheme in new editor 00477 Copy to Forum now uses default colour scheme for consistency 00476 Fixed issue with quickprint button on ribbon 00474 Fixed simulation issue with 28X1 pinsC 00471 Restored spacebar step shortcut during simulation 00395 Find dialog no longer covers the next found word 00473 Fixed minor issue with syntax colouring 00472 Mouse over line number below end of text no longer causes exception 00470 Fixed simulation issue with pwmduty corrupting b.2 00469 Modified #region and { collapsed label formatting New Re-engineered syntax editor for increased reliability and better performance New Re-engineered editor highlighting (e.g. line highlighting when in simulation) New Added block select functions (Alt key with mouse) New https:// text within comments now act as a hyperlink link with Ctrl+Click New Added support for any fixed width font available on end user's system New Added line number tooltips on vertical scroll 00466 Use of #region no longer corrupts error line number 00462 Fixed simulation issue with outpinsX value update 00460 F1 Quick Syntax Check 'return' description fixed 00456 Fixed issues with simulating readtable in X1 parts 00456 Fixed simulation issues with srlatch 00453 RCtrl+RShift keyboard binding no longer forces legacy editor into RTL mode 00450 Fixed issues with bptr simulation 00438 Fixed issue restoring panel positions between sessions 00437 Cut/Pasted flowchart procedure cell no longer loose name New Added pwmout wizard link to pwmout flowchart cell 00441 Fixed issue with simulation of some Select Case statements 00441 Simulation of serrxd and serin now bring serial terminal to front if hidden 00438 Amended settings file locations for improved school network support - Shared setting files (e.g. language files) are now stored in %CommonAppData% - Personal setting files are now stored in %AppData% and hence support roaming profiles - User files are saved in %Personal% 00436 Fixed issue with double .. in displayed filename upon duplicate file open 00435 Shortcut binding list (Ctrl+B) now displays correctly New Updated installer filename for clarity to PICAXEEditor6.exe New When adding a new command at bottom of flowchart connection line is now drawn automatically New Datalink pin names are now persisted between sessions New Added alphabetical sort up/down to right click context menu over file categories in Workspace Explorer New Added Diagnostics option for forcing addition of a pre-defined COM port name to Workspace Explorer list (e.g. when running within WINE on OSX/Linux) New Various localisation string additions and corrections New Added flowchart motor command suitable for AXE023 with 08M2 New Updated techsupplies links to new store at picaxestore.com 00434 Modified simulation behaviour when there is another return within the interrupt: sub procedure 00432 Fixed issues with parsing 'let pinsC=' in latest 28X1 compiler 00431 Flowchart pulsin and pulsout commands can now select us or ms interval 00429 Moving a procedure cell in a flowchart no longer erases its name 00428 Fixed issue with overflow during simulation of some let commands 00423 'Save as' no longer defaults to lowercase file names 00422 Memory panel columns now displays correctly at 125% DPI font size 00420 Fixed more issues with simulation of write to time variable 00412 Comments no longer generate an extra auto indent when already indented 00385 BS [08] special function in Terminal now overwrites characters from current cursor position instead of at end of text 00379 Simulation images pin tool tip balloons now render correctly at right hand edge of screen 00358 Updated compilers to workaround firmware issue within SiLabs USB CP2102 chip with regards to 'break' command processing 00318 Attempting to open same file for a second time in second instance now displays error message 00318 Starting a new instance by right click 'New Workspace' button no longer tries to open same workspace 00303 Updated/localised some COM port error messages New Improved simulation performance New Installer no longer requires prior uninstall of beta version New Added French localisation support New Added German localisation support New Added AXE101 Cyberpet Simulation PlugIn New Added AXE102 Alarm Simulation PlugIn New Added AXE105 Dice Simulation PlugIn New Added AXE130 Simple PIC Simulation PlugIn New Added localisation support to AXE107 Rudolph Simulation PlugIn New Added Step message to PlugIn pipe protocol New Various localisation string additions and corrections 00421 Fixed issues with Find/Replace Dialog localisation 00420 Fixed issue with simulation of write to time variable 00418 Fixed cosmetic issues with simple (non-Workspace) mode 00416 Fixed localisation context menu issue with legacy mode 00417 Fixed various localisation strings 00404 Fixed issues with Find/Replace Dialog behaviour on search terms within history list 00379 Simulation images now show pin tool tips when panel is floating 00379 Simulation pins off colour changed to grey to increase on/off colour contrast New Added save/open buttons to flowchart BASIC cell New Added Spanish localisation support New Various localisation string additions and corrections New Added new English.pot file for translators to use with Poedit Catalog>Update 00415 Updated URF/SRF/ERF wizards as settings did not always write correctly 00413 #PICAXE type warning now works correctly for PICAXE-18M2+ 00410 Added line numbers option into RTF, Word and PDF exports 00409 Fixed display issues with ribbon when in minimised state 00409 Added missing Datalink icon to ribbon 00408 Added Settings folder link to Help dialog 00405 Corrected diagram background view 00400 Fixed stream offset issue when saving some files 00387 Terminal window can now be made much smaller 00379 Simulation image text now appears correctly at 125% font size 00379 Simulation images now show pin tool tips again 00367 Collapsed areas no longer automatically expand upon first Save 00367 Breakpoints are no longer reset upon first Save New Added new simpler (non-workspace) Editor mode New Added support for #PICAXE directive based workspace setting changes New Added language localisation support (actual .po files still in preparation) New Added French language flowchart cells New Converted Editor statusbar to modern colour scheme 00403 Ribbon Quick Print button now defaults to showing filename and page numbers 00403 PDF button added to Print ribbon section 00403 Ribbon print launcher now displays backstage Print tab 00401 Fixed issue simulating debug on 20 pin PICAXE chips 00401 Real life debug is now halted before simulation starts 00398 Increased single line length capability of pre-processor 00397 Consolas and Inconsolata font selection no longer reversed 00396 Download now correctly reacts to #no_table on very long X2 program 00392 PICAXE type could become out of sync when workspace opened 00393 Constants in Code Explorer did not refresh when switched between hex/decimal view 00391 Nested symbols now show correct tooltips 00391 Using multiple different bit variables within the same byte no longer triggers a clash report 00390 Added Syntax parsing options to Diagnostics 00390 Fixed instability issue when opening long files 00389 Flowchart Shift + Function key to toggle portC inputs now also work when simulation panel has focus 00388 Export now suggest appropriate filename 00387 Reduced default size of terminal window during simulation 00386 Fixed issue whilst simulating input commands such as serin - was resetting whole port to inputs 00383 Flowchart cell edit preview now renders correctly when flowchart zoomed 00381 Timeout button now shown on infrared remote simulation 00380 Improved syntax colouring/behaviour of nested #rem 00378 LCD simulation panels now scale correctly at 125% font setting 00377 Fixed issue with elseif or/and simulation 00376 Fixed compilation/simulation issues when there are European accented characters in the file path 00375 Added Debug auto close port for download as new global setting 00375 Terminal auto close port for download is now global setting instead of workspace 00375 Terminal prompt before exit is now global setting instead of workspace 00367 Collapsed areas no longer automatically expand upon compilation 00367 Collapsed areas no longer automatically expand when Settings dialog click OK 00367 Breakpoints are no longer reset when Settings dialog click OK 00359 Find dialog now automatically closes when document is changed 00359 Find dialog now automatically closes when ribbon backstage is displayed 00320 Fixed issue with Terminal RTS button in certain Handshaking modes 00314 Fixed Issue with identifying COM port friendly name in Windows 8 00314 Updated wizards for issue with identifying COM port friendly name in Windows 8 00308 Radial slider no longer shows decimal places during rotation 00298 Options>COM Port now identifies AXE027 latency setting and provides recommendation tooltip 00278 Fixed issue with cursor shape over line numbers 00197 Fixed instability issues when converting/saving between different encoding types 00373 Fixed issue setting bookmarks below a collapsed area of text 00372 Adjusted simulation radial slider presentation 00369 Fixed issue with arrow keys after selection when code contains collapsed blocks 00368 Removed confirm message when ETX used to close Serial Terminal 00368 Added Serial Terminal option to auto close COM port when required for download 00368 Added option to hide/show close warning to Serial Terminal settings 00364 Fixed simulation issue with 'if var bit 0 set then' 00361 Fixed preprocessor issue with relative path names on Windows XP 00357 Code Explorer constants display is now cleared before new items added 00269 Added simulation of background hserin 00250 Code Explorer now displays correct line number for labels on last line of included files 00365 Fixed issue with 28X1 readadc using A.0 notation 00357 Fixed issue with Code Explorer constants display 00264 Fixed issue with button highlighting on QAT 00352 LCD panel is hidden after change to Options 00350 AXE115 sample BASIC file corrected 00349 Bit variables no longer always display in lower case 00348 Legacy mode diagram toolbar renamed 00347 Added warning message for Inconsolata font use on XP 00347 Font defaults to Courier upon new installation 00345 Fixed issue with EEPROM command on old 08 part 00264 Fixed issue with tooltips and button highlighting on QAT 00260 All chip simulation images resolution/clarity improved 00180 Fixed issue with context help tooltip appearing below last line 00344 Fixed issue with compiling unsaved file 00343 Added additional font options for default colour coding scheme 00342 Fixed issue displaying the Syntax Check error message 00341 Fixed issue with trying to open Terminal on no port selection 00340 Clarified link functions on Workspace Explorer settings tab 00339 Fixed ribbon appearance at large default System font 00338 Fixed issue with Workspace Explorer painting with System font at 125% 00336 Fixed issue with [ character in 'Copy for Forum' 00327 Yes/No font on flowcharts now scales correctly 00317 Bit variables have been added to the Code Explorer 00302 LCD simulation panels now float correctly and can be closed more easily 00275 Input pins can now be set before simulation starts 00264 Fixed crash when more than 10 buttons added to QAT 00332 Renamed URF setup wizards 00331 #include now supports relative file paths 00330 Fixed issue with reversed ppp_filename and ppp_filepath strings when used within include files 00330 Added ppp_includefilename and ppp_includefilepath which report current include file when used within include files 00328 Fixed issue simulating and/or within loop command 00329 Editing table i/o now prompts workspace save on exit 00326 Moved input/output table to Workspace Explorer file section 00326 Renamed Workspace Explorer links for clarity 00325 Added and/or option to flowchart setint cell 00324 Added option to hide ribbon section titles 00323 Syntax check now works when terminal is open 00323 If Terminal is already open but port closed #Terminal now reopens the port after download 00322 Recent files now highlight within list when mouse moved over them 00322 Recent files now display correctly on smaller screen sizes 00319 #no_data now works correctly on very long 18M2/18M2+ programs 00319 #slot 1 now reported as download error on old 18M2 (not 18M2+) parts 00316 Fixed issue with simulation mapped LCD pin on 08M2 00314 Fixed issue with options COM port display grid on Windows 8.1 00313 Variable clash and map buttons not displayed in Flowchart mode 00312 Fixed simulation issue with bit variables 00311 Fixed issue with clearing breakpoints 00310 Fixed issue with simulating readtable command 00289 Added i/o pin number to simulation radial slider 00288 Added XBee setup wizard 00287 Reporting of M2 parts memory usage during syntax check now more accurate 00250 Code Explorer labels now shows correct line numbers of #included files 00083 Bookmarks can now also be toggled by clicking margin (left click breakpoint, right click bookmark). 00307 Fixed issue loading initial table values for simulation of M2 parts 00306 Added Manual Edit button to Colour Syntax schemes 00304 Fixed issue with checking if Serial Terminal is already using same COM port when starting a new download 00301 Compilers now give i2c master mode error warning if bit0 of slave address is 1 (often indicates a 7 bit address in use) 00300 Numeric values > 255 in Serial Terminal raw mode are no longer allowed 00296 Updated some sample files 00295 Memory and Code Explorer are now hidden on very first startup 00295 Workspace Explorer is automatically displayed upon #picaxe directive error 00295 Use of debug now displays Code Explorer 00294 Added kbin command simulation via keyboard 00294 Added ultra command simulation via slider 00294 Fixed issue with ultra simulation on X2 parts 00293 Settimer and timer3 time intervals now simulate correctly 00291 Flowchart 'out' command now works with 28X1 etc. 00291 Flowchart 'in' command now works with 28X1 etc. 00291 Flowchart 'wait' command now uses , instead of . as decimal separator in appropriate European languages 00290 Select and Select Case now syntax colour code identically 00289 Exposed radial slider on simulation diagram (right click over pin during simulation) 00286 Modified on/off colour scheme for simulation outputs 00285 Added page settings to print tabs to allow configuration of print margins 00284 Fixed issue backing up flowchart files 00283 Previous use of third party terminals (e.g. putty) no longer stop PICAXE downloads working reliably 00282 Added Workspace buttons to Home ribbon tab 00282 Added right click on New Workspace in ribbon to start new instance 00282 Ribbon Help button now shows Help Dialog rather than Help Backstage Tab 00281 Added option to allow files to be automatically added to workspace 00281 Added option to automatically add PICAXE manuals as PDF links to new workspace 00281 Added right click context menu over PDF in Workspace Explorer to add PICAXE manuals 00280 Compiler now checks temporary file generation (e.g. if delay occurs over network drive) 00279 Unrequired .ppp pre-processor output files now removed after use 00277 Installer no longer leaves multiple entries in Control Panel>Programs 00276 Fixed issue with recognising updated version availability from www.picaxe.com/PE6 00274 20X2 pin C.3 now recognised as a PWM pin 00274 20X2 compiler now supports Lego NXT parts again via I2C 00273 Added Program button to Home ribbon tab 00272 Ok button is now default button on syntax error check report message box 00272 Ok button is now default button on Quick Syntax 00271 Breakpoints are no longer lost when simulation starts 00270 Simulation control buttons can no longer be added to QAT (as QAT is disabled during simulation) 00268 Mouse drag (rather than click) over bookmark margin no longer creates unwanted breakpoint 00267 QAT buttons (undo etc) now correctly reflect .Enabled status of master ribbon button 00266 Exposed Serial Terminal receive box's right click context menu 00266 Added 'Select All' to Serial Terminal's Edit menu 00265 Code Explorer adjusting label column width no longer causes an exception 00263 Simulation of hi2cin/out no longer gives error message if address byte not used 00263 Simulation i2c address maintained between hi2c calls if address parameter not used within hi2cin/out 00262 Pre-processor ppp_ date substitutions now have month indexed to 1 rather than 0 00261 Root folder for backup browse button now set to 'My Computer' rather than 'My Documents' 00261 Save default path browse button could cause exception on non-English versions of Windows 00259 Fixed installer shortcut target file name property 00258 User constant/variable names now colour code in 'Forum Copy' (after Syntax Check has activated them) 00257 Simulated LCD line 3 base address changed from 160 to 148 00257 Simulated LCD line 4 base address changed from 224 to 212 First public beta release.

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