RTTTL Ringtone Downloads

We are often asked where to find the mono RTTTL format ring tones for use with the PICAXE tune command. The simplest method is generally to use a search engine such as Google to search the term ‘RTTTL + song name’.

However we also have some zip files containing several thousand (untested!) ringtones available for download here:

Once you have the correct RTTTL file copy the text into the 'Tune Wizard' within the PICAXE software.
Valid RTTTL text looks similar to this:

Auld L S:d=4,o=6,b=101:g5,c,8c,c,e,d,8c,d,8e,8d,c,8c,e,g,2a,a,g,8e,e,c,d,8c,d,8e,8d,c,8a5,a5,g5,2c

The PICAXE system does not support playing of MP3 music files directly, but see the SPE035 MP3 module.