Logicator for PICAXE

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Product Details

Logicator has evolved! See the new version of Logicator within PICAXE Editor 6


Easy to use, award winning graphical flowchart-based software for quick and easy programming of low-cost PICAXE chips. Suitable for primary and secondary schools as well as home users.

For more details and information please see the Logicator Education Portal page.

Individual (private home use)

  • The Logicator software is free to download and use for private home use. The software is not restricted in any way. However if you use to make a donation to support future development of the software you are invited to register the software and pay the registation fee (UK/EU-£15 (includes VAT), US-$15 (tax exempt)). All registration fees are re-invested in future development of the software, so by registering you are helping fund future improvements to the software.

School Network Use

The Logicator for PICAXE® software is also available free of charge for school network use.

  • Free Full Version. The full version designed for use on Secondary/High School networks (any number of computers on same site, including teachers' laptops for lesson development).

Logicator is free for educational use. However if you wish to contribute towards future development of the software a registration donation value of £99 per school is invited (part LGC001).

The same download is used for all versions.


Logicator for PICAXE 6 (approx 92MB)
(for Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8,8.1,10)
Logicator for PICAXE v6
Logicator for PICAXE 6 for school networks (approx 92MB)
(for Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10)
Logicator for PICAXE v6 (uncompressed MSI for networks)
Logicator for PICAXE Installer (Old Version 3.7.0 (approx 40MB) for XP, Vista, 7, 8)
Logicator for PICAXE v3 (old)
School network - zip of a v3 uncompressed Logicator MSI (50MB) Logicator for PICAXE v3 (old uncompressed zip)
PICAXE PDF Printer Add-on (approx 8MB) PDF Printer Installer
RTTTL Ringtones RTTTL Ringtones
Microsoft .Net 1.1 Framework
Install this if you get v3 'error 0xc0000135' at startup
Microsoft Download
Microsoft ATL Security Runtime Update
Install if you get a v3 lockup at startup
vcredist_x86.exe Download
School networks (for v3 only) - how to install .Net 1.1 on Win7/8 64-bit Link

Revision History

As 'Logicator for PICAXE v6' is now part of 'PICAXE Editor 6' please see the PICAXE Editor6 release notes. Old Version details: 'Logicator for PIC Micros' v3 Revision History v3.7.0 18/10/13 - Now defaults to full free version if not registered v3.6.8 18/08/13 - Fixed issue with simulation of nested gosubs - Added Full Free Version v3.6.7 19/12/12 - Added QuickSupport Help menu - Fixed exception issue when simulating parallel task flowcharts in tight loops - Fixed BASIC conversion issue wth multiple repeat commands v3.6.6 21/11/12 - Fixed Ctrl keypress issue in Windows 8 v3.6.5 23/09/12 - Corrected issue with Live ICE mode with 08M2 - 40X2 setint command now defaults to port D - Added additional sub procedure name checks before BASIC conversion - Removed accented characters from tune names that were prevented a silent MSI install - Added URF/ERF configuration Wizards to installer v3.6.4 14/08/12 - Added support for URF/ERF wireless programming - Added 2 variable warning message to serout/sertxd/lcd commands - Removed Internet Explorer dependancy - Corrected end column issue on insert row and simulation - Corrected map view v3.6.3 16/07/12 - Added 'servo motor' command for continuous rotation servo based robots - Added free 'lite' version - 18M2 input 4 now enabled - Corrected motor cell for 28X1 - Corrected a few French translation typos - Corrected typing of Shift-C on BASIC panel v3.6.2 27/05/12 - Sections of flowchart can now be cut/pasted between two open designs - Sections of flowchart can now be exported/imported for re-use in other designs - Added black and white printing option - Added European language support of comma as decimal point separator - Translated French cell text - Added AXE120 Microrobot Speed Control to Motor command (18A,18M,18X) - Added motor polarity reverse option to Motor microbot command - Analogue/Touch command label issue resolved - Count command now loads correctly - Enable Interrupt now displays state correctly - AXE105 Dice Simulation now allows all 8 pin PICAXE types - Commands such as wait now have 'rectangular' shape (no rounded corners) v3.6.1 16/02/12 - Added Goto command to enable direct 'jump' to another part of the flowchart (procedure name) - Added some more French translation strings - Commands such as wait now have 'rectangular' shape (no rounded corners) v3.6.0 13/01/12 - Added 18M2+ support - PICAXE Manuals updated to latest version - Compilers updated to latest version v3.5.1 04/10/11 - serial in pin may may be used as general purpose input on 08M2/14M2/18M2 after 'disconnect' command - Corrected 3.5.0 issue adding 4 starts in 18M2 mode - Repeat loop count is now limited to maximum of 255 (as it is a byte value) - Readtemp no longer allows selection of non-bidirectional pins (e.g. input 6 on 20M2) - LCD command can now use any variable on second line v3.5.0 05/06/11 - Added 08M2/14M2/20M2 support - PICAXE Manuals updated to latest version - Compilers updated to latest version v3.4.2 07/02/11 - Corrected error converting infrain command with M2 parts - Touch sensor readings can now be scaled on M2 parts to allow for different touch sensor designs - Added 28X2/40X2 support for touch sensors (firmware B.3 or later) - Added additional Pwmout channels for X2/M2 parts - LCD command lines can now contain two separate variables in brackets e.g. A=[A] B=[B] - Fixed issue with Sertxd command conversion to BASIC - Fixed clipped text on some commands at Zoom 100% - Fixed Comment command text display issue at Zoom 125% - Added new 'Print to PDF' feature available via File menu (requires free 'PICAXE PDF Printer' to be installed) - PICAXE Manuals updated to latest version - Compilers updated to latest version - Updated Logicator Help files - Corrected Dice simulation quick help v3.4.1 19/08/10 - Corrected double label error on repeat...until loop BASIC conversion v3.4.0 08/08/10 - Added PICAXE-18M2 support - Updated PICAXE manuals - Corrected servo issue when using variables v3.3.5 22/06/10 - Fixed issue downloading when French language is selected - Fixed issue with infraout command in X2 modes - Fixed issue with BOT120 microbot 'ultra' command - Improved syntax check error message in BASIC text mode - Updated legacy 16F627A support v3.3.4 08/06/10 - Fixed issue with space character in the temporary filename path - Fixed issue with changing PICAXE mode after opening an existing flowchart - Added updated Logicator format PICAXE kit datasheet links to Help menu - AXE107 Rudolph simulation input 3 switch polarity now matches real life board - AXE105 Dice simulation improved v3.3.3 04/05/10 - Enhanced COM port display which now lists friendly names and unconnected USB adapters - Increased COM port availability up to COM255 - Changed download method to use enhanced compilers directly - Modified PIC Type options to add 'check PICAXE type' button - Corrected servo and pulsout ms display values - Added timeout options to serin and infrain commands - Updated French Language translation strings - Added beta tester support for new 18M2 chip - Added parallel task processing support for 18M2 part (4 starts) - Added new 'touch', 'resume', 'suspend' commands for 18M2 part v3.3.2 05/11/09 - Added new 'Analogue' command for simplified use of analogue sensors - Added new 'Play iPod' command for serial control of Apple iPods - Added new 'Repeat-Loop' commands to allow repeat X times and repeat until/while condition - Added new Custom Command feature to 'BASIC' command - Added new 'reset', 'disconnect', 'reconnect', 'peek', 'poke' commands - Added EEPROM startup (preload) values via PIC menu - Added preliminary beta-tester support for AXE028 Plug'n'Play USB cable - Software automatically scans for AXE027 upon startup, auto-identifying Virtual COM port and informing user if cable is not correctly inserted - Software automatically scans for AXE028 upon startup - Added new 'Open Samples' menu option which automatically points to /Samples sub-folder - Modified PIC Type options to add 'scan USB' button - Modified PIC Type options to display PIC label names - Added additional variables (up to 20 variables) for supported PICAXE types - Modified simulation and debug panels for extra variables - Updated 'start' command so that it can be given a name - Updated 'debug' command so it can be left on screen but disabled (made inactive) - Updated 'motor' command with PICAXE-20X2 Microbot arrow programming options - updated 'out' command to also support binary and hex - Updated 'infrain' and 'infraout' commands to allow pin selection on supported PICAXE types - Updated 'infrain' to optionally decode buttons on TV remote (ie button 1 gives value 1 rather than 0) - Updated virtual TV remote to look like current part TVR010A rather than discontinued TVR001 - Updated 'ultra' command to support single pin SRF005 use on supported parts - Modified X2 default operation to 8MHz - Added Portuguese language option - Updated 'procedure' so the loop variable can be selected instead of fixed to H - Added warning message if the same procedure loop variable is nested - Corrected 3.3.1 issue with position of 'No' word when no decision arrow pointing north - Corrected 20X2 ADC channel numbering - Corrected 20X2 issue with 'Analogue Calibration' feature (PIC menu) - Corrected X2 'Stop' syntax to new format - Digital Panel refreshes to correct PIC type when existing file is opened v3.3.1 18/05/09 - Added new 'Play MP3' command for playing MP3 music from PICAXE - Added new PWMout command - Added new SerRxd command - Simulation Speed can now be adjusted whilst simulation is running via new slider (in statusbar under the flowchart) - Added new 'Simulation Reset' option to menu and toolbar - Added Cell Comment option to each cell. When text is entered it will appear on the flowchart above the main shape - Added Digital Panel Vertical/Horizontal/Chip Format options To swap display option simply right click over the Digital Panel - Digital Panel now defaults to visible V3.3.0 03/05/2009 - Added analogue sensor calibration wizard to PIC menu. This can be used to calibrate analogue sensors without developing a flowchart - In / Out commands now default to a sloped side polygon rather than rectangle Use the Options menu to revert to old shape if desired - Added new high / low / toggle commands - Created new Sound toolbox category - Fixed issue with import of some RTTTL tune files v3.2.8 30/03/2009 - Added full support for the new PICAXE-20X2, 28X2, 40X2 - 'random B' and 'B = RND' commands now create identical BASIC code - Updated PICAXE compilers and PICAXE manuals v3.2.7 26/01/2009 - Fixed gosub/doproc incorrect warning when just 1 procedure defined v3.2.6 20/01/2009 - Added full support for PICAXE-18M - Updated PICAXE compilers to latest Universal Enhanced versions - Updated all manuals and F1 key shortcuts - Fixed issue with display of LCD Panel - Corrected Play Tune tooltips text - Debug window now automatically loads if Debug command used within flowsheet - Added 'Clear PIC Hardware' option to PIC menu v3.2.5 26/11/2008 - Modified all dialog boxes so they are now always displayed over top of panels - Added automatic 'panel hide' feature whilst drawing (Options menu) - Fixed issue with delete row feature - Added target PICAXE type to simulations - Improved simulation handling when changing PIC types, opening files etc - Speeded up Simulation download time - Added buzzer sound to AXE102 Alarm Simulation v3.2.3 16/11/2008 - Added Live Test (ICE-In Circuit Emulation) feature (Simulation>Connect menu) - Increasity clarity of Digital Panel display by hiding unavailable i/o numbers - Enabled PICAXE plugin progress windows during downloads for increased user feedback - Updated Soft Simulation playback to support v1 or new v2 files from Logicator Soft Studio - Added additional Soft Simulations of PICAXE projects kits (AXE101,102,105,107,130) - Added status info to the Soft Simulation window - 'Play User tune' now simulates within Soft Simulation projects - Fixed various minor Soft Simulation issues v3.2.2 30/10/2008 - Created shareware version - Improved line drawing routines and user interface (right click no longer required) - Improved line deletion routines - Added 'Swap Yes and No' option to Edit menu - Added insert/delete row/column options to Edit menu and right click pop-up - Dropping a cell over an existing cell now auto inserts an extra row for the new cell - Re-arranged menus slightly for increased clarity (added Options menu) - Added 'Gosub' cell as alternative to 'Do Procedure' (functionally equivalent) - BASIC cell contents now also colour syntax highlight - Removed occasional incorrect 0x0 error message when programming the 20M - Corrected columns only being added in multiples of 3 - Corrected issue downloading into simulations - Simulations are now automatically tiled upon loading v3.1.0 29/09/2008 - Corrected digital panel display resizing issue with 40 pin chips - Corrected issues with typing and direct download of BASIC v3.0.0 12/04/2008 - Added full support for PICAXE-14M - Added full support for PICAXE-20M - Added full support for PICAXE-28X1 - Added full support for PICAXE-40X1 and 40X (16 in, 8 out, 4 adc) - Added additional PICAXE commands - e.g. LCD, time, etc. - Added LCD simulation panel - Added TIME simulation panel - Fully updated the BASIC panel to enable full editing and downloading of BASIC files - Updated the simulation engine - Added all simulations free of charge (previous cost option) - Added Simulation Studio free of charge (previous cost option) - Added automatic colour syntax coding and line numbers to BASIC panel - Added File>Export menu to easily export files for use in the 'PICAXE VSM' circuit simulator software - Updated Help files - Added PICAXE manuals to Help menu. - Rebranded to avoid issues with Microchip 'PIC' registered trademark - Additional error checking on serout strings - Corrected wait of variable value (was ms not seconds) - Full Vista compatibility - 'End' commands now automatically use the more common 'Return' syntax. If you choose to still use 'end' then enable the option within the 'PICAXE.INI' file - To avoid confusion, old v1 programmer PICxxx types are no longer automatically displayed. If still using the programmer, use the setting within PICAXE.INI file to make the PICs visible

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