Classroom Models

Robust classroom models for programming exercises

Classroom Teachning Models

Students’ ‘learn by doing’ and our classroom models are designed to provide stimulating programming tasks for students to complete.  By programming the model to achieve a ‘3-dimensional’ task students will learn various programming techniques in a fun and interesting way! Models are designed to be used alongside our educational teaching systems.

All models are sold in kit form that require 30 minutes or so to initially assemble. Once assembled the models can be repeatedly used by different groups of students.


PICAXE-20X2 Microbot

Always our most popular model, the microbot can be reconfigured with just a screwdriver. Line tracker, bump'n'go, light seeker, infra-red remote control, ultrasonic range finder - the options are almost unlimited. Fully compatible with the PICAXE Create teaching system. Details

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  • MOD020

    Sweet (Candy) Sorter

    A popular model that will scan the colour of a candy sweet and then move that sweet to the correct output bin, so that all the sweets are sorted into same colour bins. Powered by a single 8 pin PICAXE chip. Details

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  • BOT110


    Versabot is microbot's meaner, more powerful older brother! Includes more powerful motors and larger motherboard for more input/output modules. Details

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  • BOT130

    PICAXE-28X1 Caterpiller

    Students will sit and watch this caterpiller for hours! 8 servos move it's body and 2 antenna detect obstacles. It can even self right after falling over! Details

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  • KIT110

    PicOne Micromouse

    A kit to build a real maze solving micromouse, designed by two of the UK's micromouse competition champions. A real maze solver (not a wall hugger!) Details

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