PICAXE Caterpillar

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This amazing 'bot' wriggles along just like a caterpillar using 8 servos to control the body segments.

It is controlled by a PICAXE-28X1 chip, and sample programs are provided.

It also has two LED/switch antenna to detect obstacles in it's path.  This caterpillar can even self right if it detects it has fallen over via its 2 tilt switches.

Can also be controlled via the optional TV style remote control.

Self assembly kit.

The PICAXE caterpillar ccan be used with any software application that supports the PICAXE hardware. Requires the AXE027 USB cable for programming.


Pack size 300x170x110mm
Pack weight 768g


PICAXE Caterpillar Datasheet PDF Datasheet
PICAXE-28X1 Microcontroller Datasheet PDF Datasheet
PICAXE USB Download Cable Datasheet PDF Datasheet


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