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Product Details

Blockly for PICAXE is a free powerful visual programming tool for generating PICAXE microcontroller programs. By stacking coloured blocks on top of each other a control program can be rapidly generated. This simple click’n’drag programming method allows students to rapidly develop control sequences for real life microcontroller projects. This programming method is very similar to Scratch 3.

Blockly for PICAXE also supports standard BASIC 'text' programming for those who prefer to use a text editor for programming. It is the recommended app for PICAXE BASIC programming for Chromebooks.

Blockly can be run online in a web browser on almost any modern device that has an internet connection. For direct PICAXE programming Chrome/Edge browser should be used at

For offline use Blockly is embedded within PICAXE Editor and is also available as a standalone (installed) app for Windows/Mac/Linux and Chromebook.


Text Editor

Blockly also contains a text editor so that Blockly programs can be automatically converted into PICAXE BASIC or javascript. The text editor can also be used to develop textual PICAXE BASIC programs. This is useful for developing PICAXE programs on modern computer platforms such as Chromebooks.

On-Screen Simulation

When Blockly is run within PE6 it is fully integrated within the powerful PE6 PICAXE simulator. When run on the Web or as an app both an on-screen and 'real-time-connected' simulator are available..

Program Real Microcontrollers

Blockly programs can be directly downloaded to a PICAXE microcontroller within PE6 or the app. For cloud users downloads can be made directly from a web serial compatible browser (Chrome/Edge/Opera v103 or later). For all other browsers a separate free downloader extension app is provided (this is because older web browsers cannot access the USB port directly).


Blockly For PICAXE tutorials

Manual (PDF) - Blockly Manual 
Video Tutorial 1 - Getting Started - Flashing an LED 
Video Tutorial 2 - Reacting to an Input Switch 
Video Tutorial 3 - Using an Analogue Sensor (LDR)


Which 'Blockly for PICAXE' version should I use?

Blockly App

Chrome App 

PICAXE Editor 6
Windows -  
Mac -   (via Bootcamp)
Linux -   (via WINE)
Chromebook -   -
iPad - -   -
Android - -   -
Requires Modern Browser e.g.
- Chrome OS   .Net 3.5 SP1


Cloud -The cloud web version of Blockly for PICAXE can be used on almost any internet connected device without any installation. However to be able to download programs directly to the PICAXE microcontroller you must be using a browser that supports the web-serial functionality (i.e. an up to date version of the Chrome/Edge browser on Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook).

    Blockly for PICAXE online

PE6 -Windows users using the main PICAXE Editor 6 software can also use Blockly for PICAXE immediately, as it is already embedded within the PICAXE Editor 6 software.

    PICAXE Editor 6

App -The app version of Blockly for PICAXE is almost identical to the online version, but is a standalone app that is installed onto your computer (so will also function when the computer is offline). It also allows access to your saved online files within your Blockly for PICAXE cloud account.

    PICAXE for Blockly App for Windows

    PICAXE for Blockly App for ChromeBook

    PICAXE for Blockly App for Linux (32-bit)

    PICAXE for Blockly App for Linux (64-bit)

    PICAXE for Blockly App for Mac (32-bit)

    PICAXE for Blockly App for Mac (64-bit)

.Net App -Finally the Windows .NET app is a simplified educational version of the Blockly for PICAXE app that does not have any cloud saving functionality. It is designed for educational users in schools who would like a simplified Windows programming application that is only used offline. The installer is also a standard MSI installer for ease of distribution on school networks. Requires the Microsoft .Net 3.5 framework to be enabled.

    PICAXE for Blockly .Net App for Windows


'Blockly for PICAXE' is based upon the open-source Google project 'Blockly'


PICAXE Blockly within PE6 (Windows) Blockly in PE6
PICAXE Blockly Cloud (online, Chrome or Edge browser) Blockly Cloud
PICAXE Blockly App (Chromebook) Blockly App (Chromebook)
PICAXE Blockly App (Windows) Blockly App (Windows)
PICAXE Blockly App (Linux 32-bit)
Unzip to a new folder. To run cd to correct folder then from command line ./picaxeblockly
Blockly App (Linux-32bit)
PICAXE Blockly App (Linux 64-bit)
Unzip to a new folder. To run cd to correct folder then from command line ./picaxeblockly
Linux installation
Blockly App (Linux-64bit)
PICAXE Blockly App (Intel Mac, 32-bit compilers)
Unzip to a new folder. To run, right click (or Ctrl+click) and then 'Open'
Blockly App (Mac-32bit)
PICAXE Blockly App (Intel Mac, 64-bit compilers beta)
Unzip to a new folder. To run, right click (or Ctrl+click) and then 'Open'
Blockly App (Mac-64bit)
PICAXE Blockly Manual PDF Help
PICAXE Blockly Manual (French/français) PDF Help français

Revision History

Current Version: 1.5.1 1.5.1 00671 Fixed real time simulation of toggle type commands 00667 Fixed project print menu in cloud version 00665 Added real time simulation to cloud version 1.5.0 00670 Added Terminal menu to cloud app version 00668 Fixed project merge menu should not be visible in cloud version 00667 Fixed project delete menu should be visible in cloud version 00664 Added web serial direct downloads for PICAXE cloud (program, clear memory, debug) on Chrome/Edge 00663 Fixed pin C.3 renaming issue for 14M2 1.4.1 00000 Updated to https for cloud site and online compilers 1.4.0 00652 Added Grove modules extension 00644 Fixed issue with KMR01 motor veer directions 1.3.5 00650 Fixed issue with setfreq command on older parts 00000 Added kodeklix motor blocks 00647 Fixed reversed servopos commands 1.3.4 00643 Fixed large space under motor block within toolbox 00642 Fixed issue with clearing 'unsaved changes' flag via PE6 save 00637 Supports customisable toolboxes (toolboxes are created within PE6) 00636 Increased allowed length of input / output pin names 00634 Selected motor direction icon is now highlighted 00633 Added custom blocks for A4 (France) Loupiot/portail robots 00632 Added support for accented characters within LCD block 00517 Fixed issue with customised toolbars loosing coloured side bars 1.3.3 000629 Spanish translation updates 000628 Fixed non-Chrome display issue in online version 1.3.2 000625 Fixed screen refresh for RTS simulation when input pins value = 0 000624 Fixed issue renaming variables with invalid names 000622 Fixed issue with let pins block on 28X1 000621 Clicking rxd pin now works again after simulation containing disconnect ends 000620 Fixed math simulation transformation issue 000619 Fixed math operator precedence in javascript code generation 000618 Fixed simulation of min and max operators 000617 Fixed simulation of random block 000616 nw.js can now exit whist simulating 000613 French manual is now shown if French is the selected language 1.3.1 00614 Fix 1.3.0 issue generating .axe file from online compiler 1.3.0 00611 Corrected sound block BASIC generation so real chip is also in ms 00607 Add app icon to nw.js 00605 Blocks with two drop down lists now have both lists updated when PICAXE type changes 00604 Corrected offline compiler syntax check pass message 00603 Serin/serout blocks now support bauds at clock freq of 4, 8 and 16MHz 00597 Fixed broken icon link under nw.js 00596 Added setfreq command block 00594 Fixed nw.js Help window not resizing correctly 00591 Correct nw.js temp folder on Windows 00589 nw.js defaults to locally installed compilers 00586 Gulp build nw.js installer packages 00585 nw.js now local compiles without requiring Chrome messaging 00584 Close toolbox when changing PICAXE type 00583 Fixed French translation of KMR01 00578 Cloud/app versions now show filename on screen 00576 Prompt to save upon exit in nw.js 00572 Completed nw.js conversion for Mac (64), Windows (32/64) and Linux (32/64) 00571 Failed online compile now gives same error message for both syntax check and program 00531 Custom blocks for development now functioning correctly 1.2.1 00582 Added count command block 00581 Offline compilers now work in latest version of Chrome 00580 Zero values such as $00 and %00 no longer automatically convert to decimal display 00579 Added warning if SPE035 used in a multi task program 00577 Help files now display correctly under nw.js 00575 Sound now functions correctly under nw.js 1.2.0 00568 Simplified and combined motor command for robots 00567 Fixed debug display for X2 parts in Windows App 00561 Breakpoints allowed on 'call' block but not procedure name definition 00527 Added RTS real-time-simulation to Chrome app (beta) 1.1.5 00560 Fixed occasional issue with using irin command 00559 Fixed issue displaying download error msgs in app mode 00558 Simplify debug view when in Blocks mode 00557 Serout/sertxd blocks now accept comma separated variables 00556 Added Català (Catalan) language 00555 Fixed issue clearing breakpoints on procedure names in PE6 00554 Fixed issue simulating set block 00547 Disabled browser spellchecking within BASIC/Comment box in Chrome app 1.1.4 00551 Fixed issue highlighting blocks during simulation in PE6 00549 Fixed issue with 'else if and/or' block 00548 Added timeout to irin block 00547 Disabled browser spellchecking within BASIC/Comment box in PE6 00546 Fixed issue with paste when editing text within BASIC/Comment box 00545 SPE035 block command menu can now translate 1.1.3 00543 Fixed issue within if block comparing two constant numbers within the Chrome app 00541 Fixed issue with display of error message after failed login attempt from within Chrome app 00538 Fixed issue with readadc simulation converting pin to output 00537 Added and/or option to if...then mutator 1.1.2 00539 Various fixes for javascript simulation 1.1.1 00535 Debug block no longer stops simulation 00534 Variable now contains correct value after count block has been simulated 00534 Added count down command 00533 Input/Output table now works within PE6 00532 I/O Pin renaming now works within PE6 when file is loaded 1.1.0 00523 'Go' is now translated on search/goto line 00522 Open menu and Merge menu are now separated for ease of use 00521 Chrome App F4,F5 shortcuts now also works in offline compile mode 00520 Chrome App now shows download progress bar whilst clearing memory 00519 Procedure name now automatically increments when duplicating procedure 00513 Added Turkish language support 00512 Created Windows Desktop .Net4.5.2 wrapper to allow MSI installation of app without Chrome 00511 Added COM port 'Friendly Names' for simpler port identification 00504 Added Input/Output pin table for pin renaming 00503 Remove valid COM port check from 'Syntax Check' 1.0.8 00502 Fixed issue with online compile of 40X1/40X2 00501 Fixed 40X1 pin definitions 00500 Fixed readtemp block pin definitions 00496 Modified Windows compiler MSI for network install of app 00495 Added Edit menu to code mode 00493 Added syntax check etc. keyboard shortcuts to code mode 1.0.7 00494 Menus do not scroll out of view when in code mode 00494 Statusbar is always visible in code mode 00492 PICAXE colour theme applied to BASIC code 00491 Toolbox now hidden before export as image 00487 Added the KMR01 motor block for A4's minirobot 00487 Updated some French translations 00433 Fixing layout for viewing Debug panel in code mode 1.0.6 00490 Add 'pinsC' input variable block 00489 BASIC tab is no longer locked after failed syntax check 00487 Enabled the 'toggle output' block 00486 Corrected issue with legacy parts using pins/dirs 00485 Corrected issue using legacy parts within PE6 00482 Updated help file for new features 00481 Rearranged cloud Project menu item order 1.0.5 00478 Enable toolbox sidebar colours 00477 Enable zoom function within App 00468 Code mode changing PICAXE type now does not clear text 00467 PICAXE type on New Project does not change 00465 First block dropped in App now snaps correctly to Start 00463 Improved simulation error messages when blocks are missing data 00462 Added 'wait until input' block 00459 Added 'SPE035 Serial MP3 Player' block 00459 Added 'CHI035 Motor' block 00459 Added 'Comment' block 00459 Added 'Program slot' 00459 Added 'Run program' block 00458 Updated Blockly core library 00457 Fixed incorrect tune played when using 08M2 00455 Save now remembers last opened/saved file name 00454 Mutating a if/elseif block no longer resets the elseif operators to > 00453 Fixed pin names for 28X1 / 40X1 00452 Fixed motor veer commands 00450 Start block no longer shifts upon first block drop 00446 JS simulation panel is no longer visible within PE6 00445 Added Export Blockly as PNG image feature 00444 Fixed decimal points being allowed within integer values 00442 Updated breakpoint and trashcan icons 00435 Added CTRL+F5 shortcut to run simulator 00418 Now set .xml file extension for save dialog 00416 Fixed deletable property of start blocks from merged projects 1.0.4 00440 Mutator if block now has breakpoint menu 00439 App 'Check PICAXE type' now also works when in online compile mode 00438 App now defaults to online compile mode 00434 Comment block scrollbars now render correctly 00432 Enabled servopos block 00432 Fixed issue with servo motor block BASIC generation 00431 Duplicating a block no longer deletes all breakpoints 00430 Breakpoint on very first block within a procedure now works correctly 00429 App now backup/restores unsaved work between app sessions 00428 Loops without internal blocks now highlight correctly during simulation 00427 Fixed issue where procedures could appear before main loop in generated BASIC 00426 Cloud language change now works without the need for a logout/in 00421 Read analogue/temperature etc. set pin to input state in simulation 00420 'Repeat until input' block no longer requires internal blocks 00345 Fixed simulation issue with sound 00318 Added some missing translation strings 1.0.3 Public Beta test release 1.0.2 Internal Beta test release 1.0.1 Internal Beta test release Licenses ‘Blockly for PICAXE’ makes use of the following open source projects and acknowledges the developers of these projects. Blockly Bootstrap FileSaver Blob CodeMirror JS-Interpreter Acorn jQuery Mustache.js RequireJS Signals

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