USB010 USB Adapter Driver

  • Windows Compatible
  • Mac Compatible
  • Linux Compatible
  • Chrome Compatible
  • Not iOS Compatible
  • Not Android Compatible

Product Details

This is the Prolific USB driver for the 'universal' USB to Serial Adapter (part USB010). Note we generally recommend use of the AXE027 PICAXE USB download cable instead, as that is a logic level (not RS232 voltage level) part.

Please note we ONLY recommend use of the drivers on the Downloads tab, as some later Prolific driver files with other version numbers are known to have issues and so do not work reliably with the PICAXE system.

Kindly note that a large number of 'fake' Prolific USB adapters are now on sale on popular online sites. These adapters, which tend to be a translucent blue or green colour and are sold at very low prices, do not actually contain a Prolific chip (they use a fake inferior clone chip but still 'identify' themselves under the USB protocol by using the Prolific USB PID/VID identification codes). These fake clones will not work correctly with the PICAXE system as the clone chips do not correctly support the RS232 'break' command.

The USB010 is a genuine Prolific chipset part and works correctly with the PICAXE system.


USB010 Prolific Driver for Vista / 7 / 8 (32 and 64 bit) (v3.2.0.0) (0.1 MB) Driver (Vista / 7)
USB010 Prolific Driver for XP (v2.0.0.7) (0.1 MB) Driver (XP)

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