Task - is a variable/constant which indicates which task to restart.


Restart the task.

M2 parts can process a number of tasks in parallel. The restart command is used to restart a single task back to its first line. If the task is suspended at that point it will also be resumed. All other tasks continue as normal. This command does not reset any variables, to do this a reset command would be needed to reset the entire chip.

Applies To:
08M2, 14M2, 18M2, 20M2
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    Restart task 0

    Restart task 0 after 10 seconds (via code running in task 1)

    Code Example:
    	b3 = 0			; reset b3
    loop0:	high B.0		; B.0 high
    	pause 1000		; wait for 1 second
    	low B.0			; B.0 low
    	pause 1000		; wait for 1 second
    	inc b3			; increment variable
    	goto loop0		; loop
    	inc b4			; increment variable
    	if b4 > 10 then		; if b4 > 10 then
    	  restart 0 		; restart task 0. Var b3 will drop to 0
    	  b4 = 0
    	end if
    	debug 			; display variables
    	pause 1000
    	goto start1
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