on goto

ON offset GOTO address0,address1...addressN

Offset - is a variable/constant which specifies which Address# to use (0-N).

Addresses - are labels which specify where to go.


Branch to address specified by offset (if in range).

This command allows a jump to different program positions depending on the value of the variable 'offset'. If offset is value 0, the program flow will jump to address0, if offset is value 1 program flow will jump to adddress1 etc. If offset is larger than the number of addresses the whole command is ignored and the program continues at the next line. This command is identical in operation to branch

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    Set LED according to variable value

    The 'on goto' branch taken depends on the value of the b1 variable and as it increases a different LED will be set.

    Code Example:
    reset1:	let b1 = 0
    	low B.0
    	low B.1
    	low B.2
    	low B.3
    main:	inc b1
    	if b1 > 4 then reset1
    	on b1 goto btn0,btn1, btn2, btn3, btn4
    btn0:	high B.0     ; always skipped in this example
    	goto main
    btn1:	high B.1
    	goto main
    btn2:	high B.2
    	goto main
    btn3:	high B.3
    	goto main
    btn4:	high B.4
    	goto main
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