WRITE location,data ,data, WORD wordvariable...

Location - is a variable/constant specifying a byte-wise address (0-255).

Data - is a variable/constant which provides the data byte to be written. To use a word variable the keyword WORD must be used before the wordvariable.


Write byte data content into data memory.

The write command allows byte data to be written into the microcontroller's internal data memory. The contents of this memory is not lost when the power is removed. However the data is updated (with the EEPROM command specified data) upon a new download. To read the data during a program use the read command.

With the PICAXE-08, 08M, 08M2, 14M, 18, 18M and 18M2 the data memory is shared with program memory. Therefore only unused bytes may be used within a program. To establish the length of the program use 'Check Syntax' from the PICAXE menu. This will report the length of program. See the EEPROM command for more details.

When word variables are used (with the keyword WORD) the two bytes of the word are saved/retrieved in a little endian manner (ie low byte at address, high byte at address + 1)

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    Write to EEPROM

    Receive serial data, and write it to EEPROM locations 0 to 63

    Code Example:
    main:	for b0 = 0 to 63	; start a loop
    	  serin C.6,N2400,b1	; receive serial value
    	  write b0,b1		; write value of b1 into location specified by value in b0
    	next b0			; next loop
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    Write word variables to EEPROM

    This program will store the contents of two word variables in Data EEPROM. The w0 variable is written to locations 0 and 1 while the w1 variable is written to locations 2 and 3. As w0 is formed from b0 and b1, w1 is formed from b2 and b3, the next unused byte variable is b4. The b4 variable is used to specify the location within EEPROM to write to. Note that the b4 variable has to be increased by 2 to write word variables to sequential locations in EEPROM as each word variable stored uses two consecutive bytes of storage.

    Code Example:
    let w0 = $1234			; w0 holds value $1234
    let w1 = $ABCD			; w0 holds value $ABCD
    let b4 = 0			; write w0 to location 0 and 1
    write b4, word w0
    let b4 = b4 + 2			; write w1 to location 2 and 3
    write b4, word w1
    ; data eeprom now holds 	loc    data
    ;				0      $34	w0 lsb (b0)
    ;    				1      $12	w0 msb (b1)
    ;    				2      $CD	w1 lsb (b2)
    ;    				3      $AB	w2 msb (b3)
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