Darlington Driver (UDN2981A)

The UDN2981A is an 18-pin chip which contains eight 'high-side switches' - The load connects between the transistor output and 0V and the transistor conducts current to V+ when turned on.

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Control of a ULN2981A driver.

This program outputs 8-bit data to the B.0 through B.7 pins which connect to an ULN2981A driver.

Code Example:
	dirsB = $FF		; Make B.0 to B.7 outputs

main:	for b0 = $00 to $FF
	  pinsB = b0		; Put binary value to B.0 to B.7
	  pause 250		; Wait a short while
	goto main		; Repeat
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Create Module

There is no specific UDN2981A create module but the BCX38C darlington transistor create modules (low-side switch) may potentially be used instead (shown connected to buzzer).

Bill of Materials

UDN2981A Darlinton Driver ? 1 Buy Now
18-pin 0.3" DIL IC socket ICH018 1 Buy Now
100nF miniature polyester capacitor CAP001 1 Buy Now


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