Power MOSFETs can be used instead of darlington transistor pairs to switch medium power devices. The IRL520 is a suitable logic level MOSFET to use in many PICAXE switching circuits.

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Activate a FET

The following program will activate a FET connected to output B.1 for a second every five seconds.

Code Example:
main: 	high B.1 	; Switch on output B.1 
	pause 1000 	; Wait 1 second 
	low B.1 	; Switch off output B.1 
	pause 5000 	; Wait 5 seconds 
	goto main 	; Loop back to start
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Create Module

A FET may be connected to the generic terminal block create module.

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FET ? 1 Buy Now
1N4001 Diode RES041 1 Buy Now
10k resistor (pack 100) RES100K 1 Buy Now


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