A Light Emitting Diode (LED) can be connected directly to a PICAXE output pin (using a current limiting resistor in series). It is more common to connect the LED/resistor betwwen the output pin and 0V, however it may also be connected between the output pin and V+.

LEDs are polarised, and so only work one way around. Generally the long leg is the anode (positive) leg, and there is also a flat edge on the plastic casing marking the cathode (negative) leg.

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Flash an LED

Flash an LED connected to output pin B.1 on and off every 5 seconds

Code Example:
main: 	high B.1 	; Switch on output B.1 
	pause 5000 	; Wait 5 seconds 
	low B.1 	; Switch off output B.1 
	pause 5000 	; Wait 5 seconds 
	goto main 	; Loop back to start
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Create Module

The LED create module.

The LED will light with a 'high' command and switch off with a 'low' command.

Bill of Materials

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Green 5mm LED LED002 1 Buy Now
Yellow 5mm LED LED003 1 Buy Now
Blue 5mm LED LED004 1 Buy Now
Pink 5mm LED LED014 1 Buy Now
330 ohm resistor (pack 100) RES330R 1 Buy Now


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