Serial LCD

A serially controlled 16x2 LCD module.

A serial LCD text display allows characters and digits (plus a limited number of other characters) to be displayed on a number of lines. This is extremely useful for showing project status and other information.

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Display a temperature

Reads the temperature from a DS18B20 and displays the result on the LCD

Code Example:
	low b.2					; Initialise LCD output
	pause 500				; Waif for LCD to initialise
main:	readtemp c.1, b0			; Read DS18B20 on pin C.1
	bintoascii b0, b1,b2,b3			; Convert temperature to ascii digits
	serout b.2, n2400, ( 254, $80 )		; First line of display
	serout b.2, n2400, ( "Temperature" )	; Display "Temperature"
	serout b.2, n2400, ( 254, $C0 )		; Second line of display
	serout b.2, n2400, ( b1, b2, b3, "C" )	; Display the temperature
	pause 1000				; Waif a second
	goto main				; Display latest temperature
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Combined serout commands

It is sometimes convenient to show separate serout commands for program clarity, but at other times it may be be more convenient (and will usually use less program space) to combine multiple serout commands into one. The following example shows two subroutines, both will send the same output when called.

Code Example:
Sub1:	serout b.2, n2400, ( 254, $80 )
	serout b.2, n2400, ( "Temperature" )
	serout b.2, n2400, ( 254, $C0 )
	serout b.2, n2400, ( b1, b2, b3, "C" )

Sub2:	serout b.2, n2400, ( 254, $80, "Temperature", 254, $C0, b1, b2, b3, "C" )

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Create Module

The Serial LCD is connected via a 3 wire cable to the servo create module.

Bill of Materials

Serial LCD Module AXE033 1 Buy Now
3-pin 0.1" header CON035 1 Buy Now


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