XRF Radio Transducer

XRF radio transducers are RF transceiver modules which allow PICAXE and other devices to wirelessly communicate with each other.

An XRF radio transducer operates at 868MHz by default, but 315MHz, 433MHz, 900MHz and 915MHz are selectable dependant on region.

XRF modules use an XBee style 2mm header and are 3V only. Therefore for breadboard/stripboard work the ERF module is recommended instead, as this has 2.54mm grid spacing and supports both 3V and 5V.

To complete a radio link to a computer use the matching URF USB module.

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Transmit via XRF

This program runs on an 18M2 fitted to an AXE210 board as an XRF transmitter. It sends and incrementing value out via XRF every second. The output can be viewed by an AXE210 receiving board connected to a terminal display.

Code Example:
init:	high B.7
	pause 100
main:	serout B.7, T2400, (“Value =”, #b1,CR,LF)
	let b1 = b1 + 1
	pause 1000
	goto main
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Transmit from one PICAXE to another

This program reads an analogue input on pin C.0 and a temperature sensor connected to pin C.1 and passes them to an XRF for transmission.

Code Example:
init:	high B.7
	pause 100
main:	readadc C.0,b0
	readtemp C.1,b1
	serout B.7, T2400, ($55,$55,b0, b1)
	pause 1000
	goto main
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Receive transmitted data

This program receives data transmitted by a PICAXE via XRF (Example 2) and controls LEDs on output pin B.0 and B.1 depending on the received light level and temperature determined by the transmitter.

Code Example:
main:		serin C.7, T2400, ($55,$55),b0, b1
test_LDR:	if b0 > 40 then LDR_high
LDR_low:	low B.0
		goto test_temp
LDR_high:	high B.0
test_temp:	if b1 > 20 then temp_high
		temp_low low B.1
		goto main
temp_high:	high B.1
		goto main
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Create Module

An XRF based radio module may be connected to the generic terminal block create module. Take care to step down to the 3.3V XRF system voltage (i.e. use a 3V battery pack, not a 4.5V battery pack, on the motherboard).
For a 5V alternate consider using the ERF module instead.

Bill of Materials

XRF radio module RFA022 1 Buy Now
10-way 2mm header socket CON046 2 Buy Now


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