Smart Wire

Shape Memory Alloy wire or springs are ‘smart’ materials that can be used to create mechanical actuation (movement). When an electric current is passed through the wire it heats up and so contracts with a large pulling force. When the current is removed the wire cools and so expands again (a ‘traditional’ steel spring is sometimes used to pull the smart wire/spring taut as it cools).

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Activate smart wire

This program will activate a smart wire connected to output pin B.1 for a quarter of a second every five seconds. This will cause the smart wire to contract every five seconds.

Code Example:
main:	high B.1	; Activate the smart wire
	pause 250	; Keep activated for a quarter of a second

	low B.1		; Deactivate the smart wire
	pause 5000	; Wait five seconds

	goto main	; Repeat
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