20M2 Motherboard

The 20M2 Motherboard is the controlling heart of a 20-pin PICAXE system to which other input and output interfaces connect.

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Motherboard test program

This simple test program will demonstrate that the 20M2 microcontroller is functioning. Shortly after download the Terminal display will appear and show a message indicating the 20M2 is working.

Code Example:
#picaxe 20M2
#terminal 4800

	pause 2000
main:	sertxd( "I'm your 20M2 microcontroller", cr, lf )
	pause 1000
	goto main
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Create Module

No 20M2 Motherboard is available for the create system at present, however a suitable alternative for moving 'robot' style projects is the BOT120 motherboard kit (based around the PICAXE-20X2 microcontroller) and for non-mobile circuits the 18M2 Motherboard (based around the PICAXE-18M2 microcontroller).

Bill of Materials

PICAXE-20M2 Microcontroller AXE012M2 1 Buy Now
20-pin 0.3" DIL IC socket ICH020 1 Buy Now
3.5mm stereo jack socket CON039 1 Buy Now
10k resistor (pack 100) RES10K 1 Buy Now
22k resistor (pack 100) RES22K 1 Buy Now
100nF miniature polyester capacitor CAP001 1 Buy Now


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