6V Battery Pack

A 6V battery pack is a moulded plastic casing which can take four AA/LR6 batteries and provide a 6V output on clip connectors. The male 'pin' connector is the V+ (red) connection, the female 'round, crown' connector is 0V (black) connection.

A 6V Battery Pack should not be connected directly to a PICAXE which is rated only for 5V operation. Doing so may damage the PICAXE. The 6V supply should be taken through two diodes to reduce the voltage by around 1.2V to a safe limit.

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Create Module

Do not use a 6V battery pack (4 x AA/LR6 cells) with the create system.
Use a 4.5V battery pack (3 x AA/LR6 cells) instead.

Bill of Materials

Battery Box (6V) BAT011 1 Buy Now
Battery Clip BAT016 1 Buy Now
Alkaline Battery (AA size) BAT002 4 Buy Now
1N4001 Diode RES041 2 Buy Now


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