Voltage Regulator

A linear voltage regulator takes a high or varying voltage and reduces it to a lower and steady voltage.

Voltage regulators come in a range of voltages which indicate the voltage they will put out. The higher the voltage in compared to the voltage out the more voltage the regulator has to get rid of and this will be dissipated as heat. Likewise a regulator will get hotter the more current it has to provide. Where necessary this heat is usually taken away from the regulator by use of a heatsink.

Different regulators have different pinouts - check the datasheet! The design below is for a 7805 style device.

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Do not use a power supply with the create system - use a 4.5V battery pack instead.

Bill of Materials

3.3V 250mA LDO voltage regulator (MCP1702 series) REG004 1 Buy Now
3.3V 1A LDO voltage regulator (LD33V / LD1117AV33) REG006 1 Buy Now
5V 100mA voltage regulator (78L05) REG001 1 Buy Now
5V 250mA LDO voltage regulator (MCP1702 series) REG005 1 Buy Now
5V 1A voltage regulator (7805) REG002 1 Buy Now
5V 1A LDO voltage regulator (LD50V / LD1117AV50) REG007 1 Buy Now
12V 100mA voltage regulator (78L12) REG003 1 Buy Now
1N4001 Diode RES041 1 Buy Now
100nF Capacitor CAP001 2 Buy Now
100uF Capacitor CAP006 2 Buy Now
2.1mm DC Connector CON010 1 Buy Now


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