An iButton is a small metal disc which contains an electronic serial number which can be determined when the iButton is placed in a suitable receptacle. This serial number can be used to control entry access to buildings or allow other authorisation or for personnel logging.

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Read an iButton serial number

This program will read the serial number of an iButton when the iButton receptacle is connected to input pin C.0. The serial number will be shown in the 'b6' through 'b13' variables.

Code Example:
main:	readowsn C.0		; Read the iButton serial number
	debug			; Display the value
	pause 1000		; Wait a while
	goto main		; Repeat
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Create Module

The DS18B20 temperature sensor module can be configured to use an iButton connection cable (part RSA002) instead of the temperature sensor. This allows this module to be used as an iButton create module.

Bill of Materials

iButton Probe (with LED) RSA002 1 Buy Now
iButton DS1990A-F5 LOG020 1 Buy Now
330 resistor (pack 100) RES330R 1 Buy Now
4k7 resistor (pack 100) RES4K7 1 Buy Now


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