Lego NXT RGB Color Sensor v2

The Lego Mindstorms NXT RGB Color Sensor v2 can be used to determine the colour of objects and may be connected to a PICAXE using an I2C bus and controlled by appropriate PICAXE I2C commands.

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This is a sample program for the Hitechnic NXT Color Sensor V2 (part MS1038) using the AXE216 i2c Explorer Kit with a PICAXE-20X2. Please note that this program will not work with Lego NXT Light Sensor or Lego NXT RGB Sensor!

Code Example:
#picaxe 20x2

symbol color_number = b0	; adjusted colour 0 to 17
symbol red_value    = b1		
symbol green_value  = b2
symbol blue_value   = b3
symbol white_value  = b4
symbol color_index  = b5	; bitwise colour xxRRGGBB

; Wires on NXT jack plug.
; Wire colours may vary. Pin 1 is always end nearest latch.
; 1 White	No connect
; 2 Black	0V
; 3 Red	0V
; 4 Green	V+ (4.5V or 5V)
; 5 Yellow	SCL
; 6 Blue	SDA
; Do not use i2c pullup resistor - already provided within sensor.

init:	; Slave address is $02

	hi2csetup i2cmaster, $02, i2cslow, i2cbyte

; Configure sensor if required.
; All saved in EEPROM within sensor. Therefore only use once if required.

;	hi2cout $41, ($00)	; set to normal measurement mode (white LED flashed)
;	hi2cout $41, ($01)	; set to passive mode (white LED not flashed, raw data only)
;	hi2cout $41, ($03)	; set to raw mode (LED is used, raw data only in bytes $42-49)
;	hi2cout $41, ($42)	; Do Black level calibration
;	hi2cout $41, ($43)	; Do White balance calibration
;	hi2cout $41, ($4E)	; set to Near mode (do white/black calibration after changing)
;	hi2cout $41, ($48)	; set to Far mode (do white/black calibration after changing)
;	hi2cout $41, ($4C)	; set to LED low power
;	hi2cout $41, ($48)	; set to LED high power
;	hi2cout $41, ($35)	; set to 50Hz mode (UK, Europe, Australia)
;	hi2cout $41, ($36)	; set to 60Hz mode (USA)
	pause 1000		; do a delay

main:	; read values

	hi2cin $42,(color_number, red_value, green_value, blue_value, white_value, color_index)	

	debug			; debug display
	pause 1000		; wait 1 second then loop

	goto main
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Create Module

Lego Mindstorm NXT sensors can be connected using two generic terminal block create modules to carry the SDA and SCL signals of the I2C bus.

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