Via Terminal Block

A screw terminal block is a convenient means to connect arbitrary signals and make temporary connections to a PICAXE circuit. Wires from a sensor (an input switch or other circuit) are inserted into the terminal block and the associated screw clamps the wire into place. Each connection to the terminal block is insulated from the others.

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Reading an analogue input signal

This program will read an analogue input value on the centre pin of the terminal block and report the value read in the 'b1' variable. The analogue voltage must be between 0V and V+. A potentiometer may be connected to the terminal block, wiper to the centre pin of the terminal block.

Code Example:
main:	readadc C.0, b1		; Read the analogue input value
	debug			; Display the value
	pause 1000		; Wait a while
	goto main		; Repeat
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Create Module

An input sensor may be connected to the generic terminal block create module.

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