Push Switch

A switch is a mechanical mechanism which allows two contacts to be connected together when activated to allow current to flow.

By placing a switch in an appropriate circuit and connecting to a PICAXE input pin the PICAXE can determine if the switch is pressed or not.

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Button push detection

The following program looks for button pushes on input pin C.0 and counts those button pushes. When five button pushes have been counted a LED on output pin B.1 will be set. The 'pause 100' acts as a button de-bounce; if it is removed button contact bouncing may cause the LED to be lit prematurely.

Code Example:
init:	let b0 = 0

main:	if pinC.0 = 1 then add
	goto main

add:	pause 100 		; short delay
	let b0 = b0 + 1
	if b0 < 5 then main
	high B.1
	goto main
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Create Module

The push switch create module provides an input signal to the PICAXE on the motherboard. The input signal will read high (1) when the push switch is pressed and read low (0) when it is not.

Bill of Materials

Miniature 6mm Tactile Switch SEN030 1 Buy Now
Miniature 12mm Tactile Switch SEN031 1 Buy Now
10k resistor (pack 100) RES10K 1 Buy Now


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