Slide Switch

A slide switch is a switch which can be set in one of two positions.

By placing a slide switch in an appropriate circuit and connecting to a PICAXE input pin the PICAXE can determine the position of the slide switch.

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Slide switch position detection

The following program will turn a LED connected to output pin B.1 on when the slide switch connected to input pin C.0 is activated and turn the LED off when not activated.

Code Example:
main:	if pinC.0 = 1 then
	  high B.1		; Turn LED on
	  low B.1		; Turn LED off
	end if
	goto main
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Create Module

The slide switch create module provides an input signal to the PICAXE on the motherboard. The input signal will read high (1) when the slide switch is activated and read low (0) when it is not.

Bill of Materials

Miniature SPDT PCB mounting slide switch SEN021 1 Buy Now
10k resistor (pack 100) RES10K 1 Buy Now


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