Generous discounts for schools and colleges.

PICAXE SystemFull tube educational discounts on PICAXE chips.

Any school/college can purchase a ‘full-tube’ quantity of PICAXE chips at our very generous special educational rates.

So, for example, in the case of a PICAXE-20M2 chip we apply our maximum discount to just 22 chips (which is the full tube quantity of 20 pin parts).

We will also price match any special offer/promotion offered by any competitor, even if their chip does not have the same capabilities as ours (e.g. much smaller memory and fewer parallel tasks).

PICAXE chips will always be the most economical educational microcontroller system!

per tube
order code
PICAXE-08M2 60 AXE009M2 .
PICAXE-14M2 30 AXE018M2 .
PICAXE-18M2 25 AXE016M2 .
PICAXE-20M2 22 AXE013M2 .
PICAXE-20X2 22 AXE013X2 .
PICAXE-28X1 15 AXE011X1 .
PICAXE-28X2 15 AXE011X2 .

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