08M IR Remote Controlled Socbot


I got the idea for the Socbot vibrobot when I first saw a vibrobot made from an old 40 pin integrated circuit.

This new kid on the block is a highly advanced vibrobot.

Controlled by a salvaged television infrared remote control, this PICAXE -08M brained next generation vibrobot stands ready to respond to your every directional command. No more random roaming like previous vibrobots. With a simple press of a button the socbot's unique wire wrap socket locomotion system kicks into gear sending this critter off in whatever direction you choose.

Powered by alkaline watch batteries, the socbot features twin outboard vibrating pager motors. Although current limited by design, this vibrobot is powerful enough to scoot around on any smooth surface.

While big on brains, it is still small enough to sit on a US quarter coin. With so much technological heritage and power packed into such a small space, one has to wonder where the next step in the evolution of vibratory technology will take us.

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