28X2 PICAXE PlayStation


Finally, I've actually produced a PICAXE project of real use. PLAY

It started off as a datalogger with graphical output. After I'd done all the standard stuff you need for a datalogger, I still had room to add in data uploads and data downloads. After that, I still had some spare menu space AND a spare slot! What else could be added? Oh yes, some games.

The hardware is pretty basic:

Fancy box from Maplin. Cutting the square holes was a pain but only took about 30 minutes sat in the garden with a medium sized hand file for the GLCD cutout and a jewller's file for the square illuminated push-buttons. (must use round ones next time!).

The three illuminated buttons are push fit with a drop of superglue to hold them in place.

The GLCD is held in place with double sided tape.

The on/off switch is a round fixing so that was very easy.

The other hole is the stero jack socket which doubles up for programming and data down/up loads to another 28X2 which does the actual logging.

There is also a piezo glued to the back of the metal panel.

At the back is a charging socket and PS2 connector which has 0v,5v I2C and couple of I/O pins on it. This can be used so that it can also function as a stand-alone unit for I2C devices, a DS18B20 temp sensor or 0v to 5v data logging.

Inside, not a lot -

  • A pack of 6XAA NiMh batteries.
  • A low drop 5v regulator plus caps.
  • A 28X2 with D1307 RTC and 24L256 EEPROM on the I2C bus.
  • Some pull-downs for the buttons and resistors for LEDs.

That about it.

Runs for 43 hours with the LCD backlight on. Never timed it without but should be a lot longer. I could have only used 5*AA but I don't have any chargers for 5. It was cheaper to add the extra cell than build a new charger.

Anyway, after selecting the main menu, you are presented with a "Games" option.


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