4x4 Truck


Stage one complete. Major mechanical components now in place.

Two powerful drive motors front and rear driven separately.

Differential gearboxes used at both ends. Steering at both ends.

Bumpers not yet made, needed to protect vulnerable steering linkage setup.

Steering servos mounted (may yet fit more powerful servos).

Wheel hubs fitted with steel ball bearings, replacing plastic bushings.

Control A arms and steering knuckle shimmed.

Steering linkages fitted with spherical ball joints.

Chassis made from aluminum stock cut, drilled and fitted.


• AXE401 28X2 i2c Master

• Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield

• APC Series Transparent Transceiver Module APC220-43

• Pololu Micro Maestro 6 Servo Controller •AXE022 40X2 i2c Slave

• Li Po 5000mAh Battery

• Pololu D15V35F5S3 5V 3.5A switching step-down voltage regulator (Power Servos only)

• Power ON/OFF switch Basic test program for forward, reverse and steering.

Controller is a mockup on AXE401 with APC220 Transceiver.

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