Basement/Cellar Water Alert System


Just completed my latest Picaxe project the Cellar Water Alert System.

The system detects water, moisture and dampness in the cellar of my Victorian home. The cellar is meant to sealed but over the last 150 years the sealed walls seep water. The water/dampness is removed by de-humidifiers but if water does enter we need to act with speed to remove equipment and valuables from the cellar.In 1998 the cellar was flooded so this is a real concern for us and as the water table rises water is seeping more and more often.

The system provides alerts when water does enter the cellar!!

So what does the system do? The sensor is driven by the Picaxe, and the Picaxe subsquently drives the LCD, the User Interface (visual and audio). I have applications driven via the serial/ethernet interface to provide a remote user experience and email alerting. I have had great fun building this project!

The main sub-components are listed below and the video shows the user interface. This is rendered via standard HTML and the web service. The same HTML pages support standard workstation browsers.

  1. Picaxe code
  2. Sensor
  3. K107 LCD
  4. Local User Interface - the wonderful Epson FX850 printer interface
  5. Wiznet 107SR Serial/Ethernet adapter
  6. Web Service to monitor Wiznet 107SR
  7. HTML web pages for iPod App, with Auto Refresh and Status page.
  8. HTML web pages for other Browsers, with Auto Refresh and Status page.
  9. Monitoring solution with email alert and auto restart for Web Service
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