Beeping Clock


Submitted by: mkstevo Project Website: N/A


The Beeping Clock is a PicAxe 08m2+ microcontroller and a DS1307 time keeping integrated circuit along with the peripheral components required to make the two work together.

Rather than a clock which has hands to tell the time, The Beeping Clock tells you the time, every five minutes by making a series of beeps which give in sequence the Hour 'tens', Hour 'units', Minute 'tens' and Minute 'units'. The beeps are played through a piezo transducer driven by one of the pins of the PicAxe. An LED is connected in parallel with the piezo transducer giving a visual indication simultaneously.

The clock has just two buttons which allow full control of the clock including manual time request, time setting (Hours advance, Minutes advance, Minutes advance by ten), silent mode (including key-lock), 12hr/24hr mode and reset.

The clock can also optionally send serial information to an LCD 16x2 display which is controlled by a 14M2 PicAxe in a similar way to the AXE033 / AXE133 type of serial LCD display. I used my 'own' display as I already had the LCD, had some 14M2 IC's and wanted to be able to fit them all in an enclosure I already had.

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