My project "Biped" is a simple bipedular robot that walks forwards in an arc until it senses an obstacle with its ultrasonic pair. It then reverses at a different arc ( faster speed so feet slip more therefore tighter arc) and carries on on a different tangent.

I entered my biped in the ETITO bright sparks competition last year and came 1st in the 16 age group. I went to Auckland and Christchurch to show off my project at the ETITO Brightsparks winners event. I was also nominated for realise the dream, with which I got into. I spent a week in weir house with other top "science" students which included dinner with the governor general at government house.

I had fun working on this project and have learnt a lot for future years. I have just entered this years project and am awaiting the results.

It is a tank style robot with 3 servo robotic arm with a Claw, two way wireless audio, wireless video, laser guidance for the claw, gas, temperature and light sensors all controlled wirelessly from the Xbee modules (not the video or 2 way audio).

I also have a visual basic programme i wrote to control it if you plug the xbee controller into the serial port which allows you to get 'live' gas/temp readings and store them in a text file as well as controlling the robot.

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