Cammy v.1.0 Living Room Webcam Tracking


Thought I'd post my first finished picaxe project to give back for all the help I found from the picaxe community.

My website has a the step by step and more pictures if you are interested in seeing more (I realize my site also has stuff for sale but please know I am not trying to make a quick buck here. I fell in love with electronics and any money I make is to only support my new love.)

To help keep Lucy, my daughter, and Papa connected on a more regular basis he got us both a webcam. This was amazing. We already had a computer hooked up to our LCD in the living room so the whole family could chat and being able to see each other on the big screen was great. Except if you know kids then you know how long they will actually sit in one place for the camera. About 30 seconds! My wife or I would constantly be getting up to follow Lucy around the living room with the camera as she showed Papa her rocking horse over there, and her toys in the toy box over here, and then this on the other side.

You get the point. So born from a very real need came this following project which we still use to this day. We call it Cammy (you know, 'cause everything you tell a kid HAS to end in “e”: blanky, raggy, dolly, booby- my wife hates that last one).

Aside from the servos, this project barely costs over $10, and you can use any remote that has Sony code. For us, I just programmed an extra function button to switch to Cammy control and then picked the buttons I wanted to use to control it.

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