Hexaspider: An 08M2 hexapod clone


My first walking robot with a seasonal theme.

This is my first robot I could make out of spare bits and pieces from what I had available (except for the 08M2). I tried not to buy anything else. I even plundered some 1/8W resistors from a salvaged PCB just to hold to my goals!

I've changed gears and plan to add some touches to the robot to make it a little less cold and robotic. Although my wallet is no longer pinned shut I'm still trying to use recycled material whenever I can. Some habits are hard to break. Once the robot is complete (hopefully before Halloween) I'll unleash it on unsuspecting civilians and hopefully record their reactions.

I'd seen three-servo hexapods running off of older 08M chips but they had to use two digital IR sensors due to the 08M's pin limitations. This uses an analog IR rangefinder and feelers from Solarbotics. The addition of tactile sensor should help with the inability of the IR sensor to detect lower altitude objects.

More pictures and info at https://letsmakerobots.com/node/29185

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